Slope fashion find out how to stand out in 5 steps

  • By Mary J. Young
  • May 18, 2017
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Skiing is a beautiful sport, which is practiced by several million Poles. Most of the main attention is paid to the quality of equipment and comfort, but there are also those for whom the slope is a good place to present fashionable clothes and accessories. Contrary to appearances, this does not only apply to women. Fashion on the slope changes practically every season. Its purpose is to stand out and not to look like hundreds of other riders. Discover 5 ways to make your skis look fashionable while feeling safe and comfortable.
Helmet – although it is not obligatory to wear it by adult skiers in the USA (it’s a pity), most people reasonably wear a helmet. The slopes in our country are overcrowded and it is not really difficult to find an accident. The helmet can also be a great element of trendy ski styling. Choose one that contrasts in colour with your jacket and trousers, but which corresponds to your gloves or skis, for example. Goggles – essential when driving in snow, but also in strong winds. By the way, goggles can be an expressive element of well thought out, fashionable ski styling. First of all, they have to fit perfectly to the face and do not stand out from the helmet, so it is necessary to try such a set before buying. A fast company is a matter of taste, but goggles with black or blue glass look best – they will also be suitable for driving in the full sun. The jacket – fortunately, the manufacturers of ski equipment have long noticed the fact that women also ski. That’s why you can easily buy a jacket with a feminine style and cut, with a clear cut at the waist. For several years now, the hit of the ski fashion has been down jackets with stitching that look light and do not restrict your movements and provide thermal comfort. However, if you want to stand out as much as possible and focus on the vintage style, think about buying a one-piece suit. Trousers – their quality is very important from a purely skiing point of view, because it is trousers that will have the most frequent contact with snow, ice and water. Therefore, first of all, pay attention to the solidity of the material and its parameters in terms of breathability and waterproofness. Then you can concentrate on the trendy look. The pants should contrast in colour with the jacket. They look best smooth, without multiple pockets and with covered zippers at the legs. Ski boots, yes, are a very important part of fashionable styling. Of course, the shoes are supposed to be comfortable and well matched to the skier’s skills, but if only that counts, we would all be wearing the same shoes. Meanwhile, the producers overtake each other in creating impressive graphics and offer an almost full range of colors. The colour of the boots will match your trousers and skis – it looks great when all these elements are in the same shade.
Once you’ve completed your equipment, you’re ready to go on the slope with the confidence that you’re looking really good. Successful downhill runs!

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