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  • By Frank Marquardt
  • December 26, 2017
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It is not just finance and the economy that make people live. You need to eat something, among other things. And if you eat to tasty and best cheaply. The former is good, the latter is much worse. The cost of a trip to a middle-class restaurant or even a pizza restaurant is 50-80USDod for a couple, often without madness in the form of desserts or alcohol. With these, it is possible to spend 100-150 USD lightly.
Why am I writing about this?
Because I have just discovered two services that offer so-called group shopping.
This is FastDeal and Groupon.
It is not about buying goods in traditional e-shops, but about selling discount vouchers for services, including catering, cosmetics and fitness.
What is it all about?
Most of us were certainly in a situation where someone gave us a pizza leaflet, a language school or a fitness club on the street. In addition to the company’s name, the leaflet usually contains information in style, with this leaflet:
a second pizza at half price,
the first lesson of the selected language is free of charge,
a 50% club pass for the first three months.
In this way, the leaflet is also a discount coupon.
Both FastDeal and Groupon are platforms on which the service providers and many others sell coupons entitling to discounts of 50% or more for their services.
A dinner in the restaurant is an example of the day’s offer.
Normal price 180 USD. After purchasing a voucher we receive a 50% discount and the dinner will amount to only $90.
If someone had serious resistance before spending nearly $200 per nice evening, they can decide for 90USDs without much problem. This is what the owners of restaurants or beauty salons want. By attracting hundreds of customers in a short period of time, they are significantly increasing their turnover and thus their profits. Not much, that’s it. Some satisfied customers may return to them or recommend the service to their friends. Then they will pay the full price.
Poles like various types of loyalty programs consisting in collecting points for shopping and then exchanging them for discounts or gifts. Suffice it to mention PayBack, which has gained great popularity.
It seems that the new services perfectly met the needs and tastes of Internet users.
FastDeal, Groupon and the competition offer in one place easy and, above all, quick access to current superprice offers in several American cities.
How to start your adventure with group buying services?
We go to FastDeal or Groupon, these two are the biggest websites of their kind at the moment.
Select the tab Register.
It took me about a minute to provide basic data, including e-mail and password to my account.
After approving ok, we are immediately logged in and can participate in the purchase.
We enter the service we are interested in and choose: I am buying.
We are redirected to the payment page where you can choose the basic payment methods, well known from shopping in online shops:
a credit card,
bank transfer
After choosing the form, we are redirected to the website of the card transaction operator or our bank. Everything continues for a while. After making the transfer we will receive the appropriate information to the e-mail address.
There is nothing left to do with waiting for the offer to end. The counter can be found on the website of the service when it is described.
Less than two hours have passed since the end of the offer I took advantage of and I received my discount coupon by e-mail. It was enough to print it out and find a convenient time to book a table.
This is understandable when several hundred people have bought a voucher. It is not difficult to guess what confusion would prevail in a restaurant if 100 people wanted to complete it the next day after receiving it.
Anyway. I have already used it and I would like to recommend it to you.
Don’t wait and check out the latest great offers for FastDeal and Groupon.

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