You don’t allow your dog to come into contact with your baby This can take revenge at some point in the future

  • By Lisa Swanson
  • May 22, 2017
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Not knowing why, but among some parents there was a “fashion” for isolating the child from the dog. Probably the point is that the child should not catch something – this “something” are bacteria, viruses and various other creatures, which after all pose a deadly threat to the child (deliberate irony). If you are also trying to limit the contact of your child with your dog as much as possible, it is important to read our article and find out what the consequences may be.
The contact with the dog is… wholesome
And it is not only about mental health, although it is also very important. Scientists have long proven that children who have been in contact with pets since childhood are far less likely to suffer from allergies and have better immunity.
This is due to a simple fact: the toddler’s organism learns to react to microorganisms from the very beginning, which stimulates the immune system to develop. Therefore, there is no effect known to many parents when they go to kindergarten and catch bronchitis after just a few days.
Contact with your dog will enrich your baby’s natural bacterial flora. It is therefore absurd to protect your kitten from her dirty hair and saliva. Conclusion? If you really want to take care of your baby’s health, don’t restrict his access to a dog.
Insulation creates a barricade
Every behaviorist will confirm that the child should grow up with the dog. Parents must not assume that the time will yet come to build a relationship between the child and the pet. This is very naĂŻve thinking, which will result in a relationship that may never be established.
Some dogs have a tendency to choose one man and find it difficult to accept other family members. Imagine what happens when a pet is suddenly forced to listen to someone it does not even know well. This can lead to rebellion and even to a pedestrian-child conflict.
Do not limit, but control
Of course, one cannot fall from the extreme to the extreme. The child should have normal contact with the dog, but should not be left with the animal unaccompanied by adults – we are, of course, talking about a young child. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that the child makes a friendship thread for the pet and that contacts between them are safe.

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