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Credit 20 thousand

  • October 10, 2019
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The amount of 20000USD is quite a large amount of money that allows you to buy an unforgettable holiday or a few years old car. If you do not earn so much money to be able to postpone such a sum then in case you want to spend it you need to take a loan […]

Companies looking for savings

  • October 8, 2019
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Falling unemployment, rising wages and growing problems with attracting qualified employees make the USA a market for employees. Companies cannot optimize the costs of employment, so they have to look for savings elsewhere. Purchasing processes, which generate more than half of the costs in the company, have a great potential. Modern IT solutions are increasingly […]

Credit and loan

  • October 7, 2019
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If you’ve ever wanted to borrow money online, you’ve certainly come across two related concepts: credit and loan. They are often used interchangeably as synonyms. It turns out that there are quite a lot of differences between these two ways of raising money. Credit and loan – although there are many differences, there are also […]

Data analysis in the Retail sector how to effectively manage the sales network

  • October 6, 2019
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The retail industry is characterized by a high degree of fragmentation and, consequently, a large number of sources of data on the condition of the company, customers or the immediate environment of the enterprise. The question arises how to integrate dispersed data, process and make the most of it in company management. The answer is […]

Deposit or savings account What pays off more is

  • September 18, 2019
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You’re thinking about multiplying your saved money, but you’re afraid of any risk? We have two options for you: a savings account or a deposit. See what are the advantages and disadvantages of both and assess what is more profitable for you. Check also: workshops for women – FinMarie Advantages and disadvantages of a deposit […]

Comparison of credits

  • August 26, 2019
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You would like to take out a loan from a bank, but you don’t know which offer is best for you? Can’t you analyze the cost of credit on your own? A credit comparison tool is a tool that will enable you to make the right decision. It will provide you with information about the […]

Credit simulation

  • August 13, 2019
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Wondering how to choose the most suitable credit offer? A credit simulation will help you to do this. You can carry it out in the credit calculator. Its results will give you an overview of the details of the credit offer. Pre-selection of credit offers On the Internet, radio or television you may come across […]

Comparison of cash loans

  • August 12, 2019
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Looking for a suitable cash loan for yourself, you have certainly met with a situation many times, that the multitude of different offers coming from the bank can effectively discourage further searches. In order not to get lost in the maze of offers it would be necessary to carefully check each offer and write down […]

Credit offers

  • August 6, 2019
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Banks fight for customers by offering more and more interesting credit offers. This type of advertising is most often used during the increased shopping periods, especially before Christmas. How to find the most advantageous among so many offers for us. The matter is not so simple, when comparing many credit offers requires not only time, […]


  • August 2, 2018
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Private banking is an individualised and comprehensive system of financial services provided by a bank to affluent individual customers. Private banking is a very profitable business for banks. It is also a strategic activity, as a large proportion of clients are management boards of companies serviced by the bank. Private banking thus creates an additional […]
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