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  • By Virginia McDonald
  • March 27, 2017
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In many universities and training institutions it is stressed that marketing activities eat up the budget without bringing any real effects and without translating into profits.

Of course, in most cases, when advertising activities are random and the target group is random, it is not possible to expect too many effects. How to gain new leases and sales thanks to promotional activities?

What is the target group?

The target group is a set of people who, as a result of our advertising activities, are supposed to get acquainted with the presented advertising message and make the decision expected by the advertiser. For some advertisers it will be a real sale of the product, for others it will leave their e-mail address, and for others it will be a visit to the website, i.e. range activities.

Selecting the right target group is crucial for cost-effectiveness and ROI (return on investment).

Many advertisers expect only PR activities from their departments or agencies. These effects are achieved by broadcasting advertisements in the flat fee model, CPM or, worse still, in the printed press. Marketing directors forget that nowadays, every Internet user can be precisely targeted in order to analyse their preferences, habits and habits, as well as to further issue advertisements (remarketing) – in addition, such action is simple to implement and fully legal.

How to choose the right medium?

When we have chosen the right target group and got to know its habits, habits and preferences, it is necessary to reach this group with an advertising message.

The key is also to reliably and impartially determine which media our potential customers use.

Companies that are successful in the field of marketing activities are focused on analytical activities that allow them to develop a communication and action strategy, optimizing the costs and time of campaigning.

Unless we target pensioners or people over the age of 60, who use the printed press and TV transmission, the best medium of access and one of the most measurable is the Internet.

Where can you see the savings?

With proper planning of budgets, promotion channels and, most importantly, target groups, savings are made by themselves.

Clicking costs or conversion costs are reduced. The number of enquiries is increasing. The value of the baskets increases.

Properly trained marketing department, which feels “blues”, is able to create from simple promotional activities a large dose of commitment and conversion from seemingly simple marketing activities that attack customers on a daily basis from all sides.

Of course, marketing does not in itself guarantee success. In order to be fully satisfied with the operation and dynamic development of the business, it is necessary to cooperate with the marketing, sales, service and impeccable delivery of products to the customer.

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