Readymade kitchen set is it worth taking an interest in

  • By Lisa Swanson
  • March 6, 2017
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Not everyone can afford to spend a dozen or so thousand dollars on beautiful kitchens. Some are rescued by the services of cheaper carpenters, others look for used furniture. There is also plenty of people who are tempted to buy a ready-made kitchen set. Most often they can be found in construction or furniture stores. This is not a bad idea, as long as you are aware of the drawbacks of this solution.
Kitchen furniture for a few hundred USD?
That is all well and good. In these stores, you can easily find ready-made kitchen sets for a price well below $1,000 – with no worktop, of course. But there is nothing to delude about: price says it all about quality. Most often, the furniture is made of very thin boards, finished with the cheapest veneer, equipped with Chinese hinges and without such useful accessories as silent guides, closers or cargo baskets.
If you accept all of this and don’t expect to know what to expect, e.g. 700 USD, then a ready-made kitchen set can be a good solution for you. Of course, you must be aware that these furniture will not last long, although everything here depends on the intensity of use.
Fitting problems with the room
Ready-made kitchen sets have a major disadvantage: they are versatile, which means that they can hardly be 100% adapted to a specific kitchen. It’s always the case that a series of cabinets ends just 15 centimetres from the wall, which creates an ugly, impossible to take break.
The problem can be partially solved by measuring the kitchen accurately and creating a design that will allow you to make the best use of the finished furniture. After all, the cabinets can be placed on different walls, remembering about the course of the installation (water supply, gas and electricity).
When does it make sense?
First of all, when you really can’t afford to build a kitchen. The ready-made furniture set does not sin with beauty and quality, but it is very cheap. These are good solutions for people who want to calmly raise money for something better and now they just need a place to prepare meals and store kitchen accessories.
The ready-made kitchen set will also work well in the apartment intended for rent. It is better for tenants not to fund expensive buildings, because there is little chance that they will respect them.
Such a set can also be a good choice for people who do not and will not have money for anything better, but want to replace old, heavily damaged furniture. lockers, even the cheapest ones, will look better, and their purchase will not ruin a modest budget.

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