Furniture knobs can change the character of your furniture

  • By Lisa Swanson
  • December 10, 2017
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How can I change the look of my furniture? Sometimes a dream chest of drawers loses its charm after a few years. And it’s not about being damaged or not being comfortable. We simply need a variety. Sometimes when refreshing walls we move furniture and then most often its neighborhood changes as well.
The sofa that matched the chest of drawers is now next to the showcase and the chest of drawers is playing the first violin in the hall.

Furniture handles – a way to refresh a piece of furnitureHow to make our furniture gain in our eyes and at the same time how to adapt it to the new environment? Among those who like to do-it-yourself, it became fashionable to renovate the furniture by hand. Of course, you have to have time for this. First we have to find and read a few tutorials, and then we usually have to work in several stages. There are many techniques and specifications that we can use: chalk paints, oil markers, decupage, pattern mirroring, and so on.
The effects of such actions are sometimes surprising – also for family members, who for example learn that a mother can also use a grinder effectively :-). For beginners, it is also possible to mix paints and pigments yourself, so that you can choose the right shade and have fun at the same time. But what if we prefer to spend our time in a different way than in our home workshop? Then it is a good idea to change the furniture holders.

Furniture handles – time to change
First let’s consider whether we want to influence only the appearance of a piece of furniture, or whether we want to change its function at the same time. Next, let us take into account the fact that we want to achieve an effect. Whether the new knobs or handles are to be a strong accent or whether they are to blend in with the background. I have one final question. Do we have a favourite material from which to make them? Are these to be ceramic knobs? Do we prefer wooden handles? Or maybe the most important thing for us is the ease of cleaning and care? You can then choose between glass, steel or ceramic knobs.

Wooden furniture handles for those who love simplicity in the interior
Lacquered furniture in all colours, especially white, takes on an elegant appearance when fitted with wooden knobs. Today, under this motto, we have at our disposal not only traditional turned wooden knobs, but also handles in more sophisticated versions. Depending on the chosen shape of the handles, we will receive a piece of furniture in a given style. It can be Scandinavian or modern.

If you prefer the first style, you may like the knobs and handles from the Basic and Simple collection. Less obvious in the form of Pebble and Stone handles fit perfectly into the interior of people who are more courageous in the matter of interior design, but at the same time like inspirations coming from nature. You can then be sure that you will receive a unique piece of furniture to create your own composition – because each Stone knob is unique in the shape and drawing of wood.

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