How to take care of clothes so that they serve us for a long time

  • By Mary J. Young
  • April 6, 2018
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When we buy clothes, we want them to last as long as possible. However, to keep your favourite garments in good condition for a long time, you need to pay special attention. The more often you wear your clothes, the sooner they break down, but with a few important habits, you can effectively extend their life.
Buying high quality clothes is one of the good practices that allows us to enjoy impeccable condition of clothes for a long time. It is a fact that the quality of materials from which clothes are sewn has a significant impact on their wear. Choosing clothes it is therefore worth reading labels with the composition of clothes and buying those that are sewn from natural, high quality fabrics. Although such clothes are more expensive, it is worth spending money on them. Good quality clothes will serve us for a long time, which in effect is more profitable than buying more cheap clothes, which after a few washes will not be usable. Even if we no longer carry things, they will be in such good condition that they can be donated to charities that support those in need. In order for clothes to remain undamaged for a long time, it is necessary to take care of them throughout their life. It is worth to carefully analyse the way they are cleaned, dried or stored and to develop a few good habits that will serve your clothes.
Frequent washing causes clothes to deteriorate quickly, so before you throw them into the washing machine, it is necessary to read the information on the clothes labels, which contain the recommended washing method and the recommended temperature. Too high a temperature causes rapid colour rinsing out, so it is good to follow the temperature given on the label, and if it is cut out, wash it just in case at a low temperature. The labels also contain valuable information on how to dry or iron. An important activity is also segregating clothes for colour. If you wash the light and dark colours separately, you will avoid discoloration. When throwing clothes into the washing machine, remember to remove the zippers and fasten the buttons and embroideries that are not fastened to other clothes and cause them to be damaged. If you do stain your clothes, do not wait until the whole laundry basket has gathered. Stains from wine, blood or fat are hard to remove and should be dealt with immediately so that they do not penetrate the clothing’s fibres.
Drying and ironing
Many people dry their clothes outdoors in the summer season, in the full sun. Such practices significantly shorten drying time, but at the same time they cause fading of clothes, especially dark ones. A better option is to place the laundry dryer in the shade or, if this is not possible, to dry it in the home but with the window open. Before hanging the garments up, shake them vigorously and stretch them over the string to avoid crushing and in some cases ironing. If it is necessary, remember to iron dark clothes and those printed on the left side. The evaporation function is also helpful, as it softens the clothes’ fibres, making them easier to iron.
Suitable storage
The way we store our clothes, contrary to appearances, is of paramount importance. If they have the right place and space in the wardrobe, they will stay in good shape for a long time. It is worth separating clothes and those that are rarely used due to their purpose, it is best to put them in covers that prevent dust from settling and protect them against moles. Shirts, jackets or jackets should be fastened and hung separately on hangers with smooth edges – in this way they will not deform. Heavy clothes should be hung on solid hangers, which will not break. It is best to place the sweaters on the shelves as they will deform on the hangers. Use boxes and organisers to store belts, scarves or other accessories.
Regularly review the contents of the cabinet
It is also very important to keep your wardrobe tidy on a regular basis. Systematic cleaning allows us to identify things that we no longer use and make room for new elements of our wardrobe. When organizing a wardrobe, you should segregate clothes into those that are in good condition, damaged and no longer suitable for further use. Clothes that can still be used are worth donating to charity. In this way, anyone can provide support to those in need. The “Aid through clothing” action consists in collecting clothes, and the funds generated from clothes donated by the donors are transferred to the account of the selected foundation. In the registration process, the donor indicates on his/her own the foundation he/she wants to help. Later it is enough to pack the clothes into a special bag and wait for the courier who picks up the clothes free of charge. This way of helping not only allows you to gain space in the wardrobe, but also gives you satisfaction from taking

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