If you’re low stop making these typical styling mistakes

  • By Mary J. Young
  • August 13, 2016
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Small is beautiful – you certainly know this truism, but as soon as you wander around the shops, you quickly forget about it. You are furious that popular nets completely disregard low customers. Finding something for yourself, if you are under 1.6 metres tall, is a challenge. The most important thing, however, is not to make typical mistakes, through which you look even lower. Read our guide and start creating styles that highlight your strengths while hiding your drawbacks.
Patterned tights
It looks great, but unfortunately at the same time it visually shortens the legs, which in your case is not advisable. Say goodbye to cabarets and tights with various decorations. Instead, wear smooth tights, preferably in black (calf smear). During the transition period you can also choose stockings or knees.
Also avoid patterned socks!
Thick straps
The strap is a great way to underline and slim down your waist at the same time. Put it on for airy dresses and, of course, for trousers. Remember, however, that thin, subtle straps are the best choice for low women. Give up the massive buckles and thick leather belts that are reserved for your higher colleagues.
Shoes and balerinas
Both very low footwear and one with a thick, flat sole are not suitable for low women. The reason is mundane: these shoes make the figure seem more pituitary and highlight the calves. You will look lower, but that’s not what you want. Instead, rely on sexy pins and boots for your ankles in winter.
Avoid tying your shoes at ankle height. Popular gladiators are also inadvisable.
Too big a garment
Fashion for oversize does not pass away, but unfortunately it is not for you. If you wear too big clothes, you will look even lower. From afar others will think that you are a girl. If you want to wear something from the oversize range, it’s a maximum of one element of your hairstyle, such as a shirt. Remember to wear a suitable, tall shoe with a thin pin.
As you can see, there are quite a few restrictions. You have to accept this so that you can create sensible, really striking hairstyles that fit perfectly into your growth. Cheer up: low women can also dress nicely.

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