Is it worth buying a delivery crib Talk to your young parents

  • By Lisa Swanson
  • July 14, 2017
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Yes, this is another gadget that our mothers and grandmothers describe as: “In our times such miracles did not exist and we also lived”. You may have been living, but this is what we are developing in order to make it better and better. According to this maxim, young parents can now invest in a baby’s delivery bed, which makes it very easy to stand by and feed the baby at night. But is it really worth buying such a cot? Discover its advantages and disadvantages.

Convenient – especially for mothers

A delivery bed is not very important for a child who does not have particularly sophisticated needs at this stage of his/her life. This gadget is designed for mothers for whom feeding at night is an anguish.

The delivery bed, as the name suggests, is delivered to the parents’ bed (thanks to the adjustable height). Mum is confident that she will hear the baby wake up and feed him or her before the hysteria attacks. Moreover, such closeness to the baby is beneficial for its development, and allows parents to feel safer (by controlling whether the child is not affected by something).

A delivery bed is a very simple, but also practical solution. The child will certainly not fall out of it, although an older child may roll over at night to Mum’s side. Such a gadget will appeal to every mother who has mastered lying down feeding and has had enough of getting up at night.

What about defects?

The biggest disadvantage of a delivery cot is of course its price. Since this gadget is a big hit with young parents, it’s no wonder that producers are trying to make a profit on it. Fortunately, simpler models are beginning to appear on the market, which are no longer as expensive as those signed with the logo of well-known brands.

A delivery bed is not a very lucky solution when parents have a very small bedroom. There will simply be no room for another element, so instead of being tired, it is better to bet on classics and place the cot in the child’s room.

The downside is certainly that the child can get used to sleeping close to his mother very easily, and this will mean problems with moving on to the stage of sleeping in his own room. It is worth bearing this in mind.

Is it worth buying a delivery cot? You must answer this question yourself by analyzing the advantages and disadvantages that we have described. However, if you don’t have to worry about the money, then such a cot will certainly be very useful and will be a successful purchase.

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