Holidays in the mountains ie how to prepare yourself for hiking

  • By Mary J. Young
  • October 9, 2018
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Summer is a time of hiking, even in the mountains. In order for any such expedition to be safe for us and our loved ones, it is necessary to prepare for it properly. When planning a mountain trip it is worth remembering not only about the provisions, appropriate equipment and common sense, but also about equipping your smartphone with the application “Help in the mountains”, which in case of danger or accident will significantly shorten the time of arrival of rescuers to the scene of the event.

The mountains attract many enthusiasts of active recreation, but they can also be dangerous. Therefore, when going on a hike, you have to plan every aspect of the trip and be prepared for many unexpected situations, such as sudden changes in weather conditions or fatigue. You should also reasonably adjust your strength and physical condition so as not to overestimate your abilities. Proper preparation for the mountain expedition is important not only for our own safety, but also for the safety of our loved ones and other tourists.

Dress up as required

When you go hiking in the mountains, you can never be sure that the weather conditions will not change during the day. Therefore, regardless of the weather conditions, it is advisable to put raincoat or warm clothes, preferably thermo-active, in your backpack. Proper footwear is also an important part of the equipment – it should be high, protecting the ankle against bending and comfortable.

Don’t forget about provisions and equipment

Apart from suitable clothing, footwear and a planned route, it is also worth remembering about proper hydration and providing the body with an appropriate dose of energy, Here sandwiches or other sweet snacks are ideal, that is everything that contains sugar and gives us strength. There are also no waste bins on the mountain trails, so you have to provide an additional place for rubbish and waste. It should also be remembered that not all hostels will pay with a card if you want to buy a meal.

The selection of equipment is a very individual matter. Some tourists appreciate the support of poles when crossing the mountain trails – they are a great relief for their feet, shifting the burden of effort onto their hands. The poles are also suitable for downhill skiing, especially on steep, rocky trails. A flashlight and reflective elements are a must.


Be mobile

A smartphone should also be added to the list of necessary things that will be useful on mountain trails. Just in case, take your mobile phone charger, or power bank, with you. The mobile “Help in the Mountains” application will also be an excellent complement, as it will make it easier and quicker to call for help in case of an emergency or accident, and enable rescuers to easily locate the victims.

Every 10 minutes, the application provides information about the current location of the logged in user together with their contact details, thanks to which the rescuers of the Beskid Group GOPR can see exactly what is happening to tourists on the route – adds Adam Bancarewicz, from Transition Technologies, the company that developed the mobile application.
The “Help in the Mountains” application is very popular among tourists – since December last year it has been downloaded by over 7.5 thousand users. It can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and Google Play platforms.

– When planning a mountain trip, it is important to remember about such features as humility, peace and control in the event of a threat to human life or health. Therefore, we appeal to all tourists to cooperate with us and use the applications during the mountain hikes. This will allow us to locate the scene of the incident more quickly and definitely accelerate the rescue operation, during which every minute counts – says Jerzy Siodłak, Head of the Beskidy Group GOPR.

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