Wooden fashion tables stylish and timeless furniture

  • By Lisa Swanson
  • July 29, 2017
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“Fashion passes away, style stays’. (Coco Chanel). In our opinion, these words are true not only in relation to the world of fashion creations, but also perfectly reflect what we think about wood furniture.

Trends in shapes and solids can change, preferred colours and materials are still evolving, but natural wood is what has always been a symbol of timeless class and style in the world of furniture design, regardless of the prevailing trends.

In Miloni, we selected this raw material as the basis for all our projects. Without half measures or compromises, we create tables made of wood, which in its form emphasize its natural and perfect beauty. Equipping our products with construction elements of the highest quality we obtain an ideal harmony of modern technology with noble naturalness, unique design with practical functionality. This makes our wooden tables modern at the same time.

We produce tables for dining rooms, kitchens or showrooms, but our many years of experience in the industry allows us to perform almost any project, so we are very interested in custom tables. For some, a dining table will mean a fold-out table, with a wide and long top, at which there would be room for many to eat and enjoy, and for others, it will simply be the same as a kitchen table, which should be practical and durable. And we know well that no modern table is as beautiful and durable at the same time as an oak table. Our wooden tables are unique in their line, each has its own unique character.

BLOX Folding Table – the beauty of real wood enclosed in a simple, massive body that fits into modern interiors

LOFT table – lightweight form combining the functionality of both the table and the desk, matching the stylish development of the working space

Modern FRAME dining table – a modern table connecting steel with wood, for all those who would like their dining table to have a solid and light structure in one.

AVANGARDE Oak Table – contemporary design, unique form in asymmetrical division: perfect table for extraordinary interiors

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