How to choose a good specialist for your Adwords campaign

  • By Virginia McDonald
  • September 11, 2017
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Just starting a campaign, topping up your account and starting a Adwords campaign are not very difficult things. This is an advantage of Adwords that they are designed so that even the owner of a small business can run their own campaign. The bonuses Google gives you (often several hundred USD) give you a chance to get to know the entire system. They can also check in practice how it all works.
A problem arises when a campaign involves very competitive phrases and/or a large number of phrases. In such cases, the bulk of your budget can be spent rather quickly and without sufficient return on investment. In such cases, it is advisable to entrust the management of the Adwords campaign to an experienced person or agency (e.g. -adwords/). Well, unless we want to run our own campaign ourselves. In this case, you need to learn quite a bit not only from the campaign management panel itself, but also from Internet marketing, word selection, etc.
Problem with choosing the right person
Assuming we want to entrust Adwords campaign management to another person, there are a few things to pay attention to. In the next part of the entry we will try to introduce you to the things you should pay attention to when hiring someone to run the Adwords campaign.
Campaign running costs
That is an important point. There are some of the most popular models here. One of them is a fixed fee for running the campaign. However, the campaign from a thousand may suddenly rise to a dozen or so/ tens of thousands. That is why the most common model is to account for a percentage of the campaign value. For example, someone charges 15% for running the Adwords campaign. It’s fair to say, because when a campaign grows in value, the amount of work done to look after it grows. However, if it is of little value, the fee is also relatively small.
The accounts are, of course, different and it is a matter of individual determination. Often, in the case of campaigns larger than a given amount, there are opportunities for negotiation. Then there is an opportunity to make some money.
Of course, a very important issue is the experience of the person who will be responsible for our campaign. What do you care about here, above all? For a few things. Agencies often boast the status of Google partners (allocated for handling campaigns of a given value). This has its advantage. However, this does not mean that our campaign will be delivered from the machine to an experienced person.
Agencies very often employ a dozen or so people each. This makes it necessary for some customers to land at the youngest age in order to get their hands on sanding. There is nothing wrong with it, but not always such a beginner is able to cope with a more advanced campaign. That is why at the beginning of the cooperation it is good to point out that we care about an experienced person to operate our Adwords campaign.
As we want to additionally check who provides the service for us it will be done the fastest with LinkedIN. There we can check the experience of your specialist and make sure they meet our requirements.
Another issue worth paying attention to is whether the person running our campaign has experience in running other similar campaigns. Both we are talking about the similarity in terms of the size of the campaign budget and the similarity in terms of the subject matter. Many topics in the case of Adwords are specific (nutrients, pharmacies, etc.) because there are top-down regulations prohibiting the advertising of certain things. That is why it is good for the person responsible for our campaign to know the reality of our industry.
It takes time to run a campaign well. Once to configure it well (cost settings, phrases selection, etc.) and twice to view it regularly. Meanwhile, large agencies and some freelancers have learned that it is possible to run dozens or even hundreds of campaigns at once. It is not possible to do a good service with so many campaigns. It is worth to make sure from the very beginning that a given person has enough time to devote to us to carry out Adwords campaign.
Assistance with analysis
If you are looking for help with campaigning in a large agency or an experienced freelancer, then together with the campaigning service (or as an additional option) you should get help with analytics. There are many things involved in basic and advanced analysis. For example, installing a Google Tag Manager to measure your goals. Setting of objectives. Checking the behaviour of users. Verify conversion on given phrases. There are really a lot of things that can be measured and analysed. What is important, it is possible to draw the appropriate conclusions and make corrections on the website itself or in the campaign (different choice of phrases, limitation of some phrases…).
However, in order for such actions to have hands and legs, the analytical recommendations must come from an experienced person. In some agencies, some people are responsible for campaigns and others for online analytics stricto sensibilities. It is approx. Sometimes there is a situation where the Adwords specialist also deals with

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