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  • By Mary J. Young
  • December 18, 2018
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Home ways to remove tiresome stains – see how to clean clothes.
2018-05-23 11:38:08
Removal of stains when traditional washing fails
Our grandmothers and mothers always had at hand a magical white powder which removed quickly and efficiently practically all dirt. Soda purified in the age of washing machines Frań was the number one to remove stains. When washing in the washing machine involved a lot of tedious activities, our mothers and grandmothers reached for something that is still able to replace the whole pile of (highly poisonous) detergents. Cleansed soda is a great forging agent, you don’t have to worry that if your child eats a teaspoon of purified soda you will have to go to the unit of acute poisoning. That’s definitely Verizon’s truth? In addition to the advantage of efficient stain removal. More here: with sherbate-domain-personal-on-extraction-and-removal-spot-from-herbat/
At that time nobody knew the German super powders (which in fact are not so super powders at all, because firstly they do not remove all stains and secondly they harm our health, causing allergies, silently destroying the immune system and even causing problems with fertility), so the soda was cleaned in every house and used to remove stains, clean dirt on household appliances, as a descaler and also as an additive loosening the baking process. Everything is healthy and natural! Curiosity about spot removal in the link: From interesting to best practice, from disposal to blotting, from coffee to coffee.
Horror-like stains such as berry stains, coffee stains, grass stains and red wine stains
What happens next if just such a stain is spotted on your favorite ethereal summer dress worthy of property (read the last money spent with great regret to look great at this party)? Do not lose cold blood. Domestic ways and the stain weapon arsenal you have in your kitchen will keep you enjoying your favourite wardrobe without using toxic chemical detergents. Coffee stains, berry stains, grass stains and red wine stains will not be terrible for you.
Are you wondering what this arsenal is? These are popular agents added to cakes, spices that only wait for your clothes to stain off, clean the sink with stains and decalcify the kettle. I will no longer keep you in the dark. This arsenal includes not only soda, which I mentioned above, but also citric acid and vinegar. A mixture of these ingredients is a real purity bomb. An interesting inspiration here: from red to wine – best of all – best of all – on removal – stains/

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