How to choose the right furniture hinges?

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  • February 25, 2020
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An important variable is the type of raw material used for furniture, especially furniture fronts. An important parameter is the thickness of the material forming the above-mentioned fronts. It is necessary to approach the topic differently when the door is made of chipboard, and the edge of the frame is made of aluminum. Still, different rules apply to the use of solid glass for fronts. A very practical solution in various types of furniture is canned hinges. The generally accepted name groups many technical solutions allowing many ways to open the fronts. One of many criteria for classifying hinges is the type of position of the door panel. Therefore, we distinguish such models classifying furniture hinges.

A hinge for recessed doors in the cabinet casing. They are used in cabinets with doors whose overall dimensions are smaller than the outline of a piece of furniture with two thicknesses of the board from which the furniture case is made. The body of the cabinet is visible from the front and surrounds the front of the set of doors in the furniture.

Hinge for overlay doors, which are the most common solution. Commonly used for them is the term of a zero balance. This is, as mentioned, the most common method of constructing furniture. The door, looking at the front of the furniture, completely covers the outline of the body. They are as if superimposed on the outside. Small clearances are left on the sides due to the construction and work of the mounted hinge. All the models described so far and the next ones can act as hinges with a silent door.

A hinge for twin doors. This means that the adjacent front wings are located on a single diaphragm. A set of hinges rests on both sides of one partition made of a board of traditional thickness. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the placement of hinge slots inside the furniture. They must not overlap so that the hinges are mounted at the same height. The fixing screws may collide.

Hinge for parallel doors. – When the door is closed, the hinge is placed in its entirety along a line parallel to the transverse plane of the front. It is most often used indoors with the so-called “blond”, i.e. a fixed section of the front, acting as a body. It can also provide corner fronts between each other, facilitating their closing.

Hinge for folding doors. There is a set of pairs of hinges. One has the possibility of a traditional opening of about ninety degrees. The other one opens even at an angle greater than one hundred and eighty degrees. They are used in corner furniture.

Furniture accessories:

Cabinet hinges 30°

Cabinet hinges 45°

Cabinet hinges 90°

Cabinet hinges 110°

Cabinet hinges 135°

Cabinet hinges 155°

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