Linear shower drain instead of shower tray Great idea for a modern bathroom

  • By Lisa Swanson
  • May 28, 2017
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Until a dozen or so years ago the matter was simple: to have a shower you had to have a shower tray. Fortunately, today we have more choice. Not only did the low shower trays appear, but also those mounted flush with the floor. An even more interesting and willingly used solution is linear drainage. It superbly replaces the classic shower tub and guarantees a beautiful effect.
How does a linear shower drain work?
A line drain consists of several elements. The base is a small gutter with a length adapted to the width of the shower. The drain can be 40, 50, 80 or 120 centimetres – the choice is large. Such a gutter is submerged in the floor, slightly above its height, to leave room for the tile. The water taken up by the gutter goes into the siphon and further into the drainage system – there is no difference between this and the shower tray.
The line drain still needs to be finished somehow. There are 2 solutions:
Decorative chrome-plated bezel
Masking plate made of ceramic tile
The choice is a matter of taste only.
After the drain has been installed, it must still be sealed. A special apron is used. The liquid foil then protects the drainage area, the entire floor and the wall.
Why is a shower drain better than a shower tray?
Linear drain has many advantages. First of all, we do not have any problems with using the shower tub, such as leaking, accumulation of unremovable dirt and difficulties with entering the shower tub (especially for the elderly). In addition, the shower tub takes up a lot of space and simply does not look impressive.
With a drain, this is completely different. Not only is it practically invisible (the floor under the shower is perfectly flat), but we do not lose valuable space yet. A good drain, properly installed and protected, also has no right to leak – manufacturers usually give a 10 year warranty for this.
Aesthetic issues are not without significance. A shower made with the use of a shower drain looks beautiful and very modern, therefore, this solution should be chosen by those who plan to finish the bathroom in a modern style.
Is it possible to use a shower drain in every bathroom?
The linear shower drain, although perfectly capable of receiving water, requires a solid gradient in its direction. In a very small bathroom there may be not enough space for this or after making the necessary pitch the tiles will look crooked. We therefore need to be careful about this.
The shower drain is also not suitable for young children’s homes. For them the best solution is a deep shower tub, which can serve as a bathtub.
And you don’t have to worry about your feet freezing in the shower. Yes, the tiles are cool, but only for a moment – after switching on the hot water there is no difference to the shower tub.

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