Errors that will never make your online shop popular

  • By Virginia McDonald
  • May 28, 2018
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Activities in the e-commerce industry have long since ceased to be a simple way of doing business. Yes, you can still earn a great deal from it, but the competition is so strong that entrepreneurs are forced to invest large amounts of money in increasing the recognition of their e-shops. Even a large advertising budget will not guarantee your success if you make the mistakes listed in our article. They are very characteristic for the whole e-commerce industry.

Copying product descriptions

This is no longer even a mistake, but a real crime. If you copy product descriptions from competitors’ websites, you are stealing them, for which you may be painfully penalised by Google – including removing a website from the index. Never do it – don’t even allow yourself to rewrite someone’s descriptions!

Too brief a description

Another notorious error. Many shopkeepers think that customers don’t read the descriptions anyway, so there’s no reason to bind. Even if it were to be true, it still remains Google. And robotic search engines love extensive, interesting, and unique product descriptions, rewarding you for improving your position on Google.

Roof-pushing of keywords

This error appears both in product descriptions and in category descriptions, on the blog or even in the text “About the store”. Yes, keywords are important, but they cannot be placed in every second sentence. The text created in such a way is worthless, badly testifies to the brand of the shop and may discourage customers from shopping.

In addition, Google has an allergy to keyword-based text, which can be considered a SPAM allusion, which of course will reduce the site’s ranking in search results.

Resignation from blogging

If you think a blog is a superfluous investment, then you are mistaken. Every respectable online shop should blog, because it is the most effective way to increase the reach of the website in the search engine. Besides, the blog builds trust in the brand and can be a source of shopping inspiration for customers.

Saving on hosting

Make sure you look at your hosting service and make sure it matches your store’s ambitions. If the website loads very slowly, it takes centuries to add products to the basket, the service often freezes, then we don’t have to convince you that running such a business makes any sense.

Only after these errors have been eliminated can you make plans about power. Otherwise, it will not matter which advertising tool you use. You will always throw money out of the air.

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