Ideas for composing a meal for a child

  • By Frank Marquardt
  • December 27, 2017
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Spaghetti is a real sampler among lunches for children. Not even a single one will refuse himself the fragrant pasta with sauce. When it comes to vegetables, kids can be picky. Sometimes they are bored with the way they serve and sometimes they simply refuse to eat on the basis of the ‘good taste clause’. How do I convince my child to eat? Here are a few tips.
Colourful food is the key.
Pasta and the colours of sauces make it possible to choose a variety of dishes. Colourful pasta ribbons can be used to enhance the look of the dish by encouraging the child to try it out. If we make pasta ourselves, we can use special food colours or edible paints to paint. The spaghetti sauce can take different forms and colours. You can find a good base for cooking under this -do-spaghetti/ link.
Pictures from food
In order to encourage the child to eat and surprise him/her, we can use various types of products to put a specific picture on the plate. For this purpose we use pieces of sausages, pasta, olives, cheese and other additives. Pasta curls, olive eyes and a smile of sausages will make the food more affordable for the abdomen. You can also decorate the basil plate with mayonnaise or dill. A good way to decorate will be to make e.g. animals with meatballs. Minced meat kettles are ideal for this purpose. From them you can put your head, trunk and legs, e.g. birds. The beaks and feathers may be cut from the triangles of cheese. Pasta will also be used as a witch, a car or a train. Everything depends on our creativity.
Cooking together
It is worth asking your child about their preferences and making them actively involved in the process of creating a meal. Then he would rather sit down at the table. A meal prepared by yourself is a real treat for the youngest children. This does not have to be limited, of course, to spaghetti alone. This dish is only an example and an inspiration for further tasting.
Uniform ingredients
Sometimes children have an aversion to meals that contain additives, such as vegetables. If you want the ingredients in the sauce to be less visible, you can mix the sauce before serving. A homogeneous mix can fit your baby, so he’s even more likely to go for more. This is also the way to smuggle vegetables that children do not like very much, and which are usually avoided by them. If we mix them together, the little one will not see that they are a component of this meal.

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