Did you know that internal linking in your shop affects its positioning

  • By Virginia McDonald
  • June 1, 2018
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Internet business is becoming more and more popular year by year. This is a form of activity that can often bring large profits at low cost.

Sales through the chain also offer new opportunities to reach many customers, even for shops located in a small town. All these advantages influence the decision of many people who decide to start this type of business. Everyone who has a business in the network tries to take care of the positioning of the online shop they run. Higher position in the search engine ranking often translates into higher profits, which is a sufficient argument for taking such actions. However, many people, despite their efforts, cannot penetrate the desired first page. Many factors can be responsible for this, one of which is internal linking.

What is the responsibility of an internal link?

Internal links consist of all the links on a website that lead to a different subpage in that domain. Through the internal connection of all subpages of one website, a so-called juice link is provided, which affects the positioning of the online shop and the results it achieves. Not without significance is also the fact that a correctly constructed structure of internal links is simply user-friendly and facilitates the use of the website. In this way, you can easily navigate through the pages that interest you. The positioning of an online shop is influenced by the availability of the website to search engine robots. If some content is not available via a link in the shop, the robot will not be able to find it.

Avoid the most common mistakes!

The main shortcoming, which occurs in many shops, is a situation when a subpage can be reached only by using an internal search engine. In this case, the content is not available for search engine robots. The use of drop-down selection lists also makes it difficult to access the texts. Robots also find it difficult to read links constructed using Java or Flash. The content of the link should be clear and easily verifiable at first glance. In case of graphical links it is necessary to remember to fill in the ALT attribute each time. It is also necessary to ensure that all products are categorised. It is also worth checking which pages are blocked in the robots.txt file or by meta robots, those with valuable content should be available for search engine robots. While in the case of external links it is worth to use the nofollow attribute, in the case of internal links the links should not contain this element. Adhering to the above guidelines will certainly help you to position your online shop for any admin.

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