Musicians with the largest scale of voice It’s worth listening to them very loudly

  • By Lisa Swanson
  • April 25, 2016
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The scale of voice is one of the most tangible indicators of the vocalist’s talent. On the stage we can admire artists who stand out in this respect. They have great vocal abilities, which became their trademark and guaranteed them the status of musical legends. Our list includes the musicians with the largest confirmed scale of voice – both active and dead, but still well known.
Mike Patton
Vocalist of the legendary band Faith No More, member of many other music projects, solo artist. Not all fans know that Patton is the musician with probably the largest voice in the whole show business. It was set at 6 octaves and one half-tone! Mike is able to make sounds from his throat that are impossible for the vast majority of vocalists.
Axl Rose
His presence in this juxtaposition certainly does not surprise anyone who grew up on the music of Guns N’Roses. Axl Rose performed vocal wonders in his youth and it was a key source of success for the whole band. The confirmed scale of the voice of the musician is 5 octaves and 2.5 notes. It’s just a pity that Axl isn’t able to make such high-pitched sounds out of himself today, or at least he’s not doing it very cleanly. Well, years of “intense” careers have had to do their bit.
Marieh Carey
The famous Dogfish has a lot of hits, and each of them is based on its unique vocal talent. Carey is able to do everything with his voice while maintaining a high culture of sound production. Its confirmed scale of voice is 5 octaves and 1 note. This is probably the best result among female singers.
The unfortunate, dead musician was the owner of an incredible voice. Its scale was as much as 4 octaves and 4 notes, which in the case of a man is a very rare result. Prince was able to sing with both a low, dark voice and produce sounds characteristic of women. It was its trademark and the foundation of its huge commercial success.
The vocalist Aerosmith is endowed with a powerful, very high voice. Its scale is 4 octaves and 1 note. No wonder Tyler is able to sing in such a way that the more sensitive have to clog their ears, and some even hurt their teeth. After years spent on the stage the company doesn’t use the top registers so often anymore, but it can still be counted among the best rock vocalists.
James Brown
A great vocalist, who paved the way for other dark artists on the world stage. His hits are known to everyone, but few are aware that Brown had such a powerful voice. Its scale was 4 octaves and half a note.

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