No more stuffed wallets with The Micro Wallet

  • By David Molnar
  • March 14, 2018
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A stuffed wallet is a problem for many people. Probably he was also faced with a team that created a very thin wallet – The Micro Wallet. Interestingly, it is still small even after the cash and payment cards have been inserted.
Start-up in New York, thanks to its invention, will make life easier for many people who have had problems with stuffed pockets so far. This is because the thickness of the wallet is reduced to 0.03 mm. This measure is only slightly exceeded when both payment cards and cash are inserted.
The advantage of this portfolio is that, despite its small size, it is very spacious. It can hold up to 8 payment cards and several banknotes at a time. It would seem that such a quantity must be well “stuffed”. However, extracting the entire content is very easy and fast.
The uniqueness of this project has already been recognised. On the Kickstarter platform, The Micro Wallet enjoys great interest. The portfolio price starts at $20.
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