Sports shoes for the office Great idea

  • By Mary J. Young
  • May 1, 2016
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The stereotype says that official circumstances require an official outfit. However, the fashion is to break conventions, also in the area of dress code. Accordingly, you are not condemned to putting pins or boots in the office at all. You can just as well bet on sports shoes, bearing in mind a few basic principles.
Shoes well matched to the rest of your styling
Your office outfit may be a bit bolder and less official, but it must be well thought out. So don’t forget to wear sports shoes for your pencil skirt or suitcase. A much better choice will be the classic set, that is black jeans and a white blouse supplemented with a jacket. In such an outfit you will look worldly, elegantly, but also feel at ease.
It is important to pay attention to the colour of your shoes. Red sneakers do not necessarily fit in the office, but black sneakers for the ankle or extremely fashionable sneakers are a great idea. These shoes fit well in most styles and you don’t have to wear them at all when you enter the office.
Convenience should not always prevail
Sports footwear is very comfortable, which is important when you are forced to spend 9-10 hours in the office. However, there are situations when it is better to focus on classics. Whether you’re meeting important customers or waiting for a key presentation, always have a pair of elegant pins at your fingertips.
A very clever way is to keep your shoes in the office for an official occasion. Then you can walk calmly in the adidas and, if necessary, quickly turn them into pins or boots.
Cleanliness is the basis
Sports footwear does not bite with an office dress code, but only if it is well maintained. When you come to work in dirty adidas, you will certainly not deserve the respect of your colleagues or, even more so, your superiors. So it’s better to have at least one pair of sports shoes that you put on for work rather than walking, jogging or gardening.
Interesting detail
To make it even clearer that you’re not wearing a sports shoe for free, put it on a single detail to complement your style. We are talking about colourful socks. They look much more impressive than classic footwear and can also be a nice addition to the rest of your outfit.
Sports footwear is therefore suitable for the office, but only on condition that you wear it consciously and can prove this to others.

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