Check how to store your milk correctly and don’t make these typical mistakes

  • By Frank Marquardt
  • May 19, 2018
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Poles still love milk. Our country is at the forefront of European consumption of this drink. Of course, we prefer cow’s milk first of all, but we are also increasingly eager to reach for goats and sheep. Whether you’re adding milk to coffee, flakes or home-made bakery products, you need to be aware of the basic rules for storing it correctly. It turns out that many people make typical mistakes here.
Not on the door!
Do you store open milk on the refrigerator door? Well, I’m sure most of us do that. This turns out to be a big mistake. The temperature in the door area is at the highest level, which makes it impossible to maintain optimum conditions for storing the drink. That is why milk spoils more quickly – not the producer’s fault at all.
When the milk is opened, especially fresh, it should be stored at the back of the bottom of the fridge, where it has the lowest temperature. Make sure that the packaging is tightly closed. We never store milk poured, for example, into a glass in the fridge, as this exposes it to bacteria and aromas from other products.
We also store UHT milk in the fridge. It can stand at room temperature, but only until the cardboard box is opened. Later it has to be placed in the fridge.
Do not drink milk from a carton or bottle.
It is a common mistake for milk gourmets to make. Yes, taking a tablespoon of a cool drink on a hot day immediately refreshes your body and gives you plenty of fun, but it’s really better to pour it into a glass. Drinking milk straight from a carton or bottle unknowingly accelerates the process of spoilage of the beverage. How is this possible?
There are plenty of bacteria in your saliva that can easily get inside a carton or bottle. They are the ones responsible for the rotting processes, i.e. simply the spoilage of food products.
When you take milk on the road
If you like to carry milk with you, for example during a long journey or when riding a bicycle, remember to cool the product down well in advance. After taking the milk out of the fridge, pack it in a thermal bag. Milk must not be exposed to high temperatures for too long. Otherwise, it can even break down within a few hours.
Finally, we would like to draw your attention to the conscious choice of milk in the store. If you want to keep your product for as long as possible, always buy UHT milk. Fresh products are tastier, but usually need to be consumed within a few days of spilling.
Also make sure that the milk in the store is stored correctly. If the fresh product is in an open refrigerator, there is a significant risk that it will spoil soon. It is not even important that the bottle is sealed tightly.

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