How to earn with SEO?

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  • April 22, 2018
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In this article I would like to focus on two basic factors that will enable you to earn money on positioning.

First of all, it is possible that you will have to outsource this service. Thanks to this you will start earning money! Do you remember the golden rule that appears in almost every article from this cycle? Good, valuable movement = profit. Whatever you say, positioning is a complex process that requires knowledge, experience and commitment. So if you have a web shop, landing page, company website, you sell in an affiliate or you have any other internet sales channel, you should definitely read the article carefully. In a separate article we will discuss the topic of positioning for bloggers – because the topic requires a more detailed analysis. Thanks to the visibility in the search engine you can still get the cheapest traffic to your website in addition theoretically the most interested reader and client. This is the most natural form of advertising – someone searches for information on the Internet and hits your website.


But we are talking here about earning money on the Internet. From this perspective, you can also consider doing this service for your customers. If you have enough knowledge, you can simply offer such services to your customers. Unfortunately, the path of a positioner is not easy. So it’s best if you start working for someone as a subcontractor. Very often marketing agencies look for subcontractors. And individual components of SEO are quite simple tasks, which are able to perform even not very experienced people. We will take care of it right away. Positioning often requires some similar activities for clients – the agency prefers to entrust this to a freelance rather than “waste” its resources. Only after these basic activities have been carried out, the company starts to take action. So as a freelancer you often have the opportunity to perform individual elements of this service as a subcontractor.

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