Why should a local company position its website

  • By David Molnar
  • April 21, 2018
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Entrepreneurs running local business activity have long ceased to rely on opinions of satisfied customers and advertising through friends and regulars as the only effective forms of promotion. They are aware of the fact that in the era of constantly increasing competitiveness of the market, it is extremely important for as many people as possible to learn about the company they run.

It may turn out that consumers interested in purchasing our goods or using our services who live within a radius of 50 to 100 miles from our premises are not aware of our existence. More courageous local business owners decide to set up websites in order to promote the project.

The most frequently cited reason for this is the fear of an excessive reduction in the investment budget due to the need to pay regular subscription fees to a company specialising in SEO, which would enable the website to be positioned effectively. I can say from experience that this contribution pays off extremely quickly, especially in the case of regular marketing activities.

Why is this happening? Proper preparation of promotional materials and optimization of the website in terms of search engines make our website much higher in search results for specific keywords. This in turn means that many more people will learn about our company.

Statistical data show that the owners of agritourism farms are most involved in the optimisation of their portals, as they have to rely on tourists and visitors, who already book accommodation and ask for preparation of specific attractions for them. However, in order to ensure contact with the public, it is necessary to ensure that the website is visible on the Internet and as competitive as possible. There is no doubt that these issues will have a positive impact on the level of our earnings and the number of recipients interested in the services we provide.

Local business owners can only benefit from the optimization of their websites, as a properly positioned and created SEO website will not only create the impression of professionalism of the owner, but will also be noticed much more quickly by Internet users in the jungle of other portals with similar themes. While the owners of companies and factories in Poland do not have to pay so much attention to positioning, as brand awareness is relatively high in their case, for a local entrepreneur appropriate marketing and portal optimization may exaggerate its success or failure in the industry. The Internet is an inexhaustible source of revenue – let’s not lose the potential it offers!

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