Sports shoes in winter How to wear them

  • By Mary J. Young
  • April 25, 2018
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In spring light and colorful sneakers, in summer airy mesh sneakers, in autumn slightly more resistant – leather sports shoes. And in winter? Temperatures below zero, rain, snow and slippery ground will not prevent you from wearing the most comfortable, stylish boots. Sports shoes are a great solution for this quarter of the year, which due to bad weather and short days does not enjoy the best reputation. Which sneakers to choose for the winter? And what to wear to keep it warm, but effective?

First of all, comfort!

A sporty chic broke into the fashion world a few seasons ago. It brought us such trends as mixing elegant styles with sporty shoes, wearing oversize blouses with hoods for tall boots or styling tracksuits with leopard for the evening for tall pins. The boundaries between aesthetics were blurring, and things that we would have considered to be the peak of kitsch some time ago are now solidifying in showrooms, considered to be absolute hits! Such a new life was gained, among other things, by snowstorms, which we had been hiding for a long time on the bottom of the wardrobe. However, the more severe the winter is, the more stumbles there are in uncomfortable, slippery shoes on the snow cover, the more we find out that fashion is all about comfort! This is especially true for shoes where we need to feel safe, stable and comfortable. This is where sports shoes work best (it’s worth checking: ). And although it might seem that we have to forget about them in winter, brands specializing in sneakers design surprise us positively!

Which winter sports shoes?

The offer of most companies includes shoes made of solid, durable, heat holding, but most of all waterproof materials. Among them, of course, nylon and skin dominate, which can be impregnated and protected against moisture absorption. The best option for the winter time are of course sneakers with a longer than usual upper, preferably one that reaches a lot for the ankle. Such sneakers-bots offer virtually all well-known sports brands. These shoes are characterised by a very adhesive sole, which will protect us from unexpected accidents. They perfectly adapt to the foot and keep the optimal temperature inside, so that no frost will terrify us. In addition to sneakers boots, the snowstrips mentioned above are also great in winter. They have a sporty cut, but are suitable not only for weekend trips to the mountains or for winter sports. Contrary to appearances, they perfectly fit with jeans and even thick tights and skirts!

Information on joining methods

Providing you with the right sports shoes for the winter, let’s remember to match the style of our wardrobe. Footwear will form the basis for most winter hairstyles, so it must be versatile. Sneaker-boots or snowflats in classic shades, such as black, navy blue, beige or camel certainly fit everything. They can be worn with sporty leggings as well as with simple trousers or skirts. You don’t have to fit a sports jacket! A double-row or dressing gown coat, which will break the convention in an interesting way and add character to the whole, will be perfect as an outer garment. Sportswear styles will complement interesting, slightly bolder sports shoes, such as those in intense colours or with a distinctive design.

Sports shoes are an ideal solution for any season of the year for all those who appreciate comfort and good style.

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