Educational toys – what skills do they develop

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  • December 4, 2020
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Many parents, concerned about the development of their children, look for educational toys for them. This is a broad and diverse category. It includes many different products for children of all ages. Exactly what toys will benefit the development of the child and what skills can be exercised thanks to them?

Educational toys for babies

The development of most functions takes place particularly intensively in the first years of life. At each stage, the youngest must meet specific challenges and acquire new skills. Among others, social and emotional skills, cognitive functions, manual and motor skills are developed. It is very important to properly stimulate these areas to ensure balanced development of toddlers. What educational toys for children affect the acquisition of specific skills?

Social and emotional development

In the development of social functions plays a large role in children’s learning about patterns of behavior in different situations. The youngest learn through imitation, so role-playing is a beneficial idea. Even two-year-olds can learn to take care of dolls or teddy bears. Older children will certainly like playing store, kitchen or doctor. Stimulating children’s empathy is important in developing knowledge about their own and others’ emotions. Fairy tales and books telling stories of heroes in various situations will work perfectly here.

Motor skills and dexterity

Children usually start learning to walk around the age of one. It’s a good idea to give them all kinds of wheeled toys and objects to lean on during this time. This is also the time when shape-matching puzzles and all kinds of toys where you rearrange small pieces will be great ideas. Such activities will stimulate the development of cognitive and manual skills.

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In stores you can also find many toys dedicated to slightly older children. Skill toys, blocks, puzzles and jigsaw puzzles should be adjusted to the interests of toddlers. A few-year-olds may like accessories for learning shapes, colors, letters and numbers. Gadgets enabling children to perform interesting tasks will stimulate their imagination, help to acquire new skills and will be a source of entertainment.

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