Choose between pine or oak wood exterior doors

  • By Lisa Swanson
  • January 5, 2016
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Every house must have an entrance door, often also called an entrance door. The days when we chose them solely on the basis of price and availability are long gone. Nowadays, doors are an important element of the architecture of the building and must be perfectly matched to both the window woodwork and the appearance of the façade. Wooden exterior doors, especially pine and oak doors, continue to be the most popular among investors. Which of them should I choose? Please refer to our guide for further information.

Oak doors: timeless elegance, excellent durability

The greatest advantage of oak doors is, of course, the fact that they guarantee excellent resistance to adverse weather conditions. Dębina is a hard wood of high density (650 kg/m3), thus insensitive to minor damage, dents and scratches. In addition, the oak door is a great silencer in the interior of the house, which is important when the building is located in a noisy area.

The oak is distinguished by one more important detail. Wood contains tannins, i.e. natural preservatives. This makes it practically impossible for oak doors to be attacked by moulds, fungi or other parasites. On the other hand, tanning agents darken the wood and increase its susceptibility to cracking. That’s why doors still require additional lacquer protection.

The disadvantage of an oak door is its high purchase price. It is also worth mentioning their heavy weight, which can be a problem for children, the elderly and people with disabilities.

Pine doors: cheaper, but this is not the only advantage

External doors made of pine wood are less popular in our country. Much more often, however, we choose them for interior use. This is due to the belief that pine is not too durable wood and is not suitable for use in adverse weather conditions. This is not entirely true.

External pine doors can be used by the household for many years, provided of course that the surface of the wood is protected with a high quality impregnation. Pine has the advantage over even oak that it absorbs and absorbs moisture very well. This ensures that doors that are exposed to rain and snow will not crack or dry.

Pine doors are also much lighter than oak doors, which is an advantage for the disabled and the elderly.

We should mention the softness of pine wood, which is therefore susceptible to mechanical damage. Low pine density also means that the door will not provide effective protection against external noise.

The choice therefore seems to be simple. If your budget is not a problem, put it on the oak door. If you have to save money, a good quality pine door should also meet your expectations.

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