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  • By Mary J. Young
  • December 4, 2018
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Appropriate waterproofing allows for effective and efficient protection of internal and external surfaces against the influence of water and moisture. BOTAMENT® AE sealing and compensation mat is an innovative solution that will help us to make the waterproofing on the terrace or balcony, as well as in the bathroom, easy and quick.

BOTAMENT® AE is a waterproofing and waterproofing mat made of ceramic tiles and natural stone. This solution is designed to be used on a variety of substrates. With its help, we can provide effective insulation on walls and floors – with particular emphasis on water- heavily loaded surfaces.
The advantage of waterproofing made of a sealing and compensating mat is, among other things, its universal use in various areas. Another distinguishing feature is the fact that insulation work will not last long. Unlike mineral sealing mortars, the BOTAMENT® AE sealing and compensation mat is laid in one working cycle. In addition, it is a solution which, unlike mortars, does not raise any doubts as to the required thickness and setting/drying time. BOTAMENT® sealing and compensation mat is an ideal product for investments where time pressure and short deadlines determine their safe and quick completion. Due to its long service life, the BOTAMENT® AE mat is also ideal for projects where the stages are carried out at large intervals.
BOTAMENT® AE can be used both externally (on terraces and balconies) and internally for effective and quick waterproofing.

Insulation of terrace and balcony

Balconies and terraces are exposed to changing weather conditions. Frost, melting water, heat and rainfall are just some of the loads that the balcony or terrace construction has to withstand for many years. In order for a terrace or balcony to be a place of relaxation and not a source of problems and costly renovations, it is necessary to select the right materials for waterproofing. For this purpose, we can successfully use BOTAMENT® AE mat, which is appreciated in comparison with other insulation solutions, mainly because it can be used also in adverse weather conditions. Its water resistance means that it does not require any additional protection against rain when glued on.

In addition to the waterproofing properties, the BOTAMENT® AE waterproofing and compensation mat is highly flexible to compensate for stresses in the substrate that would otherwise damage the ceramic cladding. The rigid coating of the balcony or terrace can crack over time and allow moisture to pass into the rooms underneath. The BOTAMENT® AE sealing and compensation mat allows us to avoid this type of situation.

For the waterproofing of balconies and terraces, Botament offers complementary solutions. For full and effective waterproofing of terrace and balcony surfaces, in addition to the BOTAMENT® AE waterproofing and compensation mat, we recommend: primer BOTAMENT® D 11, adhesive sealing tape BOTAMENT® PB Portalband, system sealing tape BOTAMENT® SB 78, self-adhesive butyl sealing tape BOTAMENT® BD, quick multifunctional reactive insulation BOTAMENT® RD 2 The Green 1, BOTAMENT® M 21 or M 10 Speed high elasticity adhesive mortar, BOTAMENT® M 29 HP PREMIUM FLEX high elasticity flooring adhesive and MULTIFUGE Base multifunctional jointing mortar.

Bathroom for years

When selecting materials for surface insulation, we should first of all pay attention to the most important properties of the product. The bathroom, which is the most humid room in the house, requires us to use solutions that will protect us from the penetration of moisture through the walls, the formation of moulds and fungi. Thanks to the innovative BOTAMENT® AE mat, the elegant tiles on the floor and walls, showers and the bath body will not be damaged by moisture, as well as by its effects such as mould, fungi, infiltration or flooding of neighbors.
The insulation is carried out in one cycle by gluing the highly flexible BOTAMENT® M 21 or BOTAMENT® M 10 Speed adhesive to the substrate using a single product.
The BOTAMENT® AE sealing and compensation mat used in the system with the highly flexible adhesive mortar BOTAMENT® M 10 Speed allows the tile coating to be glued in just about 90 minutes after the waterproofing has been installed.
BOTAMENT® AE sealing and compensation mat will protect our house against water penetration into walls and floors. This universal solution has been submitted to the Bathroom Choice of the Year 2018 competition, and it meets the requirements of contemporary building mats and will prove itself not only as a material in homes or flats, but also as a solution for industrial surfaces.


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