When it’s worth investing in a warehouse in the case of the online store

  • By David Molnar
  • April 29, 2018
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Having a full range of products in the online store is just as important as having a landline store, although there are industries where the lack of a product in the warehouse is not new to the customer. For example, this is the furniture industry, where after placing an order, we will have to wait a few days for it to be completed. The same is true in the case of pharmacies, where we do not get these more unique preparations at hand, because they must first be brought in by a pharmacist from a hardening shop or directly from the manufacturer. Is there any point in investing in a warehouse in the case of an online shop?
The online shop and the need for storage
In the case of an online shop, the seller has a certain part of his product range in the local warehouse, but the rest of the products are usually downloaded by him for the customer order data. It turns out in practice that this is not a problem for customers, but if they have a choice, they rely on stores offering a wide range of products and those available at hand.
However, there are still many online shops that do not have goods in stock, but are prosperous. This is often the case for luxury shops, where the storage costs of such products could exceed the value of their sales.
Categories of stores where storage is unavoidable
Having your own warehouse in the store allows for quicker delivery, which certainly has a positive impact on the image of the company and the customer’s pinch on it. In shops where gifts and various accessories are sold, the lack of a warehouse will not work, because customers prefer to pay, but rely on the offer of a shop that will provide them with goods right away. This is all the more true as gifts are often ordered at the last minute, so their delivery must be a priority. That’s why owning a warehouse depends on the industry and financial resources. It turns out that products available from now on are the most frequently ordered. It is also worth paying attention to the rotation of goods, so that the customer does not have to wait long in the uncertainty.

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