Smart casual a style that every guys should get to know

  • By Mary J. Young
  • February 19, 2018
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Times are changing. Fewer and fewer companies require their employees to wear very official clothes. So we start wearing our suits only for special occasions. However, this does not mean that we can afford to look scruffy. A great trend, which combines comfort, ease, but also chic, is the style of smart casual. What is it about? What clothes are needed? You can read about this in our guide.
Sporty elegance
This is the shortest definition of smart casual style. Its essence is that the man should look good, but at the same time should not resemble a sales representative. In this style it is important to combine comfort with class, which, contrary to appearances, is very possible. Looking at a guy dressed in a smart casual fashion, we should immediately have the impression that he is a cool, elegant guest who knows what a class is, but on the other hand did not swallow a wooden handle.
The smart causal style is very versatile. It fits perfectly both in the office and for a trip with friends, a walk or shopping. Appropriate clothes provide a lot of freedom, so you can spend the whole day in them peacefully and do not feel uncomfortable.
Must have a smart casual style
Quinoa trousers are an absolutely essential element of a man’s wardrobe, who wants to follow the rules of smart casual style. They look quite classic, but are incredibly comfortable. They do not have much in common with the classic “cantroas”, although they do not look less elegant at all.
Chinos provide maximum freedom, so they are loved by elegant masters. Their advantage is also that they fit perfectly into practically any mountain and to various types of footwear. They must not be missing from your wardrobe!
A very masculine type of footwear that fits perfectly in the smart casual style. Contrary to popular belief, casinos can be worn all year round, of course, as long as there is no frost outside and there are no one meter of snow on the pavements. This type of footwear, however, fits best with spring-summer styling.
Remember, that moccasins should be worn without socks, although it also depends on their construction. Discreet feet or even classic socks hidden under your legs are not a mistake.
Sports jacket
It will be a perfect complement to any smart casual style. A jacket is a men’s classic and has to be placed in your wardrobe. Combine it with a white shirt and you’ll get your outfit ready for the office. In combination with a cool t-shirt, it will be an ideal evening hairstyle at the club or a trip to the cinema.
Add-ons are also very important in the smart casual style. Especially remember to wear an elegant watch, a leather laptop bag (ideally for your hand) and spectacular corrective/sunglasses.

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