Builder warmth or tricks that create the atmosphere

  • By Lisa Swanson
  • May 13, 2016
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Grey, short days, rain, wind and weather swing… a few difficult months ahead. Not surprisingly, we are looking for warmth and peace at home. Today, a few tips on how to overcome the autumn in the four walls of your apartment.

Weather-resistant colours

The atmosphere at home is primarily about the right colours. Choose all warm colours: orange, red, brown or warm grey. Energetic colours add energy, stimulate life and make it easier to win the morning battle to leave the house 🙂

If your home is to be a refuge for you, a place where you can relax after work, and the brave colours on sofa beds and armchairs are too much for you, rely on the warm shades of earth colours: browns, beiges, warm shades of grey. These colors allow you to relax, calm your senses and soothe yourself after a day full of stimuli. However, it is worth to break them down with colourful additives, which will guarantee us a drop of energy.

Light, lots of light!

The short days and the lack of daylight in November and December mean that we are losing energy and willingness to live. That is why it is so important to ensure that there is enough light at home in autumn and winter. Which ones? Here everything depends on our needs. If we need to stimulate ourselves to act, let us put on cold colours. Cold light has a motivating effect and supports mental work. However, if you want to calm down and make the interior feel relaxed, let’s choose warm shades of orange or yellow light. Let’s not forget the natural light of candles and fireplaces either.

To the touch

Finally, a few words about additives and fabrics. Nothing improves your mood as much as immersing yourself under a blanket, in a comfortable armchair with a cup or a glass of delicious something. Braided, blankets and bedspreads are an absolute hit of the last few seasons and must have for everyone who chooses the Scandinavian style at home. Also important are the fabrics on the furniture, which add warmth in autumn and winter. We love leather, but this time we encourage you to choose felt, wool and velour.

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