Ecommerce is changing in mcommerce

  • By Lisa Swanson
  • November 13, 2016
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The use of Internet resources using mobile devices has become an everyday reality. This also has an impact on the e-commerce market. The data clearly shows that smartphone and tablet purchases already account for more than 30 percent of all online purchases. And this share is growing from year to year.

Customer expectations and their changing purchasing behavior force e-commerce business owners to react quickly. What actions are worth taking to create a successful platform dedicated to mobile devices?

Relevant content

When preparing a good m-commerce service, the content issue cannot be overlooked. The requirements of users of mobile devices differ from the expectations of customers using, for example, laptops. They prefer visual material and video content that is easy to consume with their smartphones. Of course, when preparing them, one should not forget about the basic principles, i.e:

Customized to your needs

Adapting to business objectives

Preparation of appropriate content, adapted to the nature of m-commerce, facilitates encouraging new customers to use the service.

Service optimisation

The next step on the road to winning customers using mobile devices is optimization of the service. A responsive website or a fast and stable mobile app is the absolute basis for any m-commerce business. Why?

One of the biggest problems of the industry is low conversion – on average almost three times lower than in the case of traditional e-commerce. The services developed in the light of the users’ experience allow to increase this ratio and, as a result, to increase the profitability of the conducted activities.

Ease and security of payments

A very important element of a good m-commerce service is the payment transaction module. The ease and security of making payments also affect the conversion achieved.

Smartphone users do not want to make complicated transactions – for example, transactions that require additional acceptance with the use of a code received in a text message. Switching between apps on your smartphone or tablet is more difficult than using a computer. That is why it is worth simplifying the payment process as much as possible. Existing solutions, so-called electronic wallets, could be used for this purpose.

Digital wallets have many advantages. One of the most important of these is the high level of customer safety. This allows to eliminate the fears of service users related to the risk of losing funds.

Exploiting new technologies

The use of new technologies is also helpful in the development of m-commerce. Ideally, they should be dedicated to mobile devices. Extended reality or chatbots are only examples of solutions that can have a positive impact on the results achieved by the service.

There are really many possibilities. Their proper use makes the invested funds pay for themselves extremely quickly.

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