Selection of furniture legs – types, usage.

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  • May 5, 2020
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Furnica legs

Furniture legs are very important elements of furnishing and interior design. Thanks to appropriately selected products it is possible to create a nice, elegant, stylish, comfortable or safe surface. So how to choose furniture legs? What to follow when buying? What types of elements are becoming increasingly fashionable and popular?

How to choose the right accessories for furniture?

Furniture legs are a visible element, as well as ensuring safety and unique character of equipment. During the selection process you should pay attention to several important aspects, which are:
– the purpose of the furniture,
– its location – the type of surface, its usability,
– the recipient’s preferences,
– the material of the workmanship,
– color,
– system,
– the producer,
– price,
– many others.

What types of legs are worth installing in furniture?

In addition to their aesthetic function, furniture legs are also of great use. It is an element that is often underestimated, and its importance is really enormous. These accessories can take many forms and shapes. Known and popular simple metal legs can be replaced by elegant, carved, curved shapes. Here are a few systems used in interior design:
Wooden legs – perfectly suited to wooden, massive, elegant furniture. They will perfectly match the Scandinavian, retro or classic style. The colour of the legs should be adjusted to the type of wood from which the equipment is made, as well as its structure and size.
Furniture legs adjustable – elements thanks to which it is possible to set the height of the product. The possibility of lowering, raising, as well as levelling is a very important aspect during interior design. This solution is particularly recommended when creating kitchen surfaces, cooking or eating furniture.
Industrial legs – made of metal, modern and innovative shapes. Dedicated to minimalist, modern or loft style furniture.
Legs with rubber finish,
many others.

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