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  • July 7, 2020
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Wardrobe handles Furnica

A lot of us don’t pay attention to them. After all, they are an indispensable element of every drawer, cabinet, every piece of furniture. Only after a while, we take a closer look at them. Of course, we are talking about the handles. After all, they are a complement to the whole. Without them the effect would be at least strange.

Many times, retailers in furniture stores hear the question “can the handles be different?”. It would seem to be a tiny element that nobody pays attention to. Nothing could be further from the truth. Apart from their functionality (after all, without them we wouldn’t be able to get into the contents hidden in a drawer or a cupboard), they are also responsible for a nice look.
Let’s imagine for a moment our apartment and all the furniture in it without handles. It looks stupid, right? Imagine now that these handles are completely mismatched, for example a small cabinet and a big, hanging handle. That looks ridiculous. At this point, the question that comes up in furniture stores makes complete sense.

Since we already know that furniture handles play an important role, another short question comes to mind: what? Usually there are already proposed handles in furniture stores ( that usually fit them. But what if we don’t like them? We can ask for a catalogue and choose the ones we like. For the less active ones I recommend to have a look at the shop’s website, where we can easily find everything. Nowadays the choice is great, so everyone will find something for themselves. Both the material they are made of – from wood, through metal, to porcelain, as well as the color we can choose literally the one we want. At the moment, all you need to do is have a bit of imagination and make your mother-in-law like it, and our furniture will look perfect.

The last decision we have to make is whether the cabinet handles and drawer holders should be the same or different? Personally, I would bet on uniformity, but a bit of abstraction at home hasn’t hurt anyone yet. Finally, let’s remember one rule – our furniture is a cake, and the handles are a cherry on top of it, so to make everything look beautiful, it’s worth spending some more time on it.

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