See what ailments you can expect in the second trimester of pregnancy

  • By Mary J. Young
  • December 25, 2018
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The 13th week of pregnancy is the beginning of the 2nd trimester. After you there are nausea, vomiting and the feeling of constant fatigue, and you are still about 24 weeks away from childbirth. Are you wondering what changes will occur at this stage in your body? These are the most characteristic symptoms that should not worry you.
When you start the 13th week of pregnancy, you will notice that your body reacts to the new life developing in it a little differently than at the very beginning. First of all, you can expect the strenuous morning nausea and sleepiness to go away and be replaced by excess energy. As many young mothers confirm, it is the second trimester that is the most beautiful period of pregnancy – so make the most of it.

Possible complaints

By the 13th week of pregnancy, your baby has already reached the age of approx. 7 cm in length, or size, resembles quite a big mandarin. This means that you can expect, above all, more pressure on the bladder, through which you will have to visit the toilet a little more often – this will be the case until the very end of your pregnancy.
the company with any complaints that may accompany you is:

slightly accelerated heartbeat (the reason is that your body changes under the influence of pregnancy and more blood is circulating in it),
Ligament pain,
drop in libido (will return approximately at the beginning of the third trimester),
darkening of peppers, nipples and freckles,
shortness of breath and slight problems with breathing,
abundant vaginal discharge,
excessive saliva production.
These symptoms should not cause your concern, as they result from hormonal changes and the body’s preparations to “accommodate” a developing child in the best possible way.
You should keep this in mind
If the 13th week of pregnancy has started, you may already have had a genetic ultrasound usually done at the end of the first trimester. If you haven’t yet reported, there’s not much time left – it’s only going to take place until the end of the 14th week. In addition, you can choose to have a PAPP-A (so-called double test), a non-invasive test to diagnose for possible foetal defects.
The second trimester of pregnancy is also a period in which it is worth remembering to practise sport – of course, in a prudent and safe way. You can use your excess energy for swimming or walking, and special sports activities for pregnant women, such as yoga or fitness, will be a good option. Activity at this stage of pregnancy can also help you to protect yourself from excessive weight gain and, as a result, to recover more quickly from the birth.


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