Momentum for the purchase of the first car for a child

  • By David Molnar
  • March 1, 2018
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The first car is very important in the life of every young driver, especially if it is a gift that is financed or co-financed by parents. Such a car is remembered later for the rest of our life, even if it lands with a mechanic every week.

When a child arrives at home who has just passed the driving test, the vision of buying the first car becomes clearer and clearer. Many teenagers take up a holiday job especially for this purpose and put a penny to a penny on the “four wheels” of their dreams. The financial support of parents is invaluable in such a situation – a moment of online activity may be useful in such a situation.

How do I choose the first car for my child?

A big day when a teenager can sit behind the wheel of his own car should be preceded by getting acquainted with the offers on the market. The first car is used to “wipe the trails” and gain experience – it is not a good idea to buy it in the salon for a lot of money. The risk of being scratched or bruised in a short period of time is really significant. Used cars will work better and cars with their own history are cheaper.

Planning the budget for the purchase of a car

The first step, however, is a good plan, which is to estimate how much our teenager has saved and what can be bought for this sum. He should not be left alone with this decision – after all, his father, the head of the house, has much more experience in this subject. Besides, talking to each other is always a good way to improve family relationships. You must also not be fooled by the offers of dealers – even a cheap used car needs to be checked with a mechanic. Let us start from the assumption that we cannot afford to make costly mistakes. Traffickers often show young people cars that are specially prepared for sale and whose equipment and, above all, technical condition leave a lot to be desired. It is not uncommon that a car breaks down already in the first week after the purchase, and only then does it come to our conclusion that we have just built a moneybox without bottom, which you need to get rid of as soon as possible.

Car loan

When to apply for a loan? This is best done when the car is already selected and checked – you can pre-book it by making an advance payment. Only when you know your costs and budget can you apply for a loan. The mill is realized very quickly, so there is no need to worry that the money will not be available on time. In addition, we will make sure that the support is of the right amount. If we take out a loan online too quickly, it may turn out that the funds are not enough – then there will be a vision of lending our own car to the child, because we have promised… It is therefore important to wait calmly for everything to be agreed and, in fact, for there to be only formalities, the final payment and, of course, the handing over of the keys. Dear parents, do not forget about the obligatory trial ride either!

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