Dietary supplements for athletes

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  • February 4, 2021
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Effective supplementation should always be tailored individually. This is a basic and quite obvious, but also the most important rule. There is no one perfect product for everyone. People differ from each other in body build, muscle and fat tissue content and the whole physiognomy, but also in lifestyle, work or level of physical activity. All these factors alone dictate what supplements for athletes should be introduced into the diet. A bodybuilder who trains hard five times a week at the gym will need completely different products, and a student who concentrates all his day mainly on mental work, and exercises only during the weekends, or at most twice a week, will need completely different ones.


However, supplements are not something completely necessary. If only the diet is valuable, and a person feels good on it, there is no need to necessarily ingest some colorful pills or miraculously working powders with vitamins. However, at certain times you need to use them. It is advisable to use them when you feel some unfavorable changes in your body or whole body. This is usually due to some specific reason. For example, someone might have led a sedentary lifestyle so far, and recently started working out at a gym and is trying to do workouts four times a week, which logically will be very difficult for him. In this case, for example, supplements for athletes with amino acids or classic creatine will help him. Creatine together with phosphorus forms phosphocreatine, which in turn is converted into ATP. ATP can be regarded as a compound that generates energy reserves – it starts working when a person no longer has the strength to exercise or even to go to their workout.


Dietary supplements dedicated to athletes can be helpful, but are nothing essential. However, if someone would like to reach for them, they should think carefully about what they would gain from it at all. The supplementation plan must be based on the training plan.

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