How to use and dose dietary supplements?

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  • February 12, 2021
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Supplementation certainly has many advantages, if only it is used sensibly and in moderation. Surely no one should replace a rational and balanced diet with it. It will only supplement it and enrich it with certain compounds that a person will not be able to provide in the right amount with standard food products. All supplements for athletes must also be properly dosed. So how much should be taken in order for the supplementation to be effective but harmless at the same time?


This all depends, of course, on the type of compound or type of specific supplement. When you buy any such preparation, you should find on its package or in the leaflet information concerning the dosage in which it should be taken. Sometimes, however, it happens that the recommended doses are deliberately increased by users. This is usually the case with experienced athletes who are particularly keen on achieving better results or shaping their figures faster. They don’t want to wait months for the product to work, so they deliberately increase the dosage. They think that if they take a much larger amount of the product, the effects will appear faster and will be better. And usually this is not the case at all. Supplements for athletes do not work better at all when you exceed their recommended and indicated by the manufacturer dosage. This only results in a higher risk of certain side effects. And despite the fact that the compounds found in supplements for athletes are generally safe, if they are taken in very large quantities, they can become something harmful to the body.


For any dietary supplement to work, you need to take it for a certain amount of time – usually at least one month. So you have to be patient and consistently stick to the initial dosage. In order to check the level of saturation of the body with particular substances, it is also sometimes worth taking detailed blood tests.


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