Revolution in the treatment of acne

  • By David Molnar
  • October 2, 2018
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Revolution in the treatment of acne

There are different views on acne skin care. The one known from women’s magazines and the “latter”. Contrary to popular belief, if we wash acne skin with specially designed preparations, we will never get rid of the problem.  She adds that sharp spices and greasy creams do not harm, and the best for our skin is meat, which modern women eat far too little.

Acne, like arterial hypertension or coronary artery disease, is a civilization disorder. The name “youth acne” is becoming less and less adequate, because it affects people working of both sexes outside the youth. Acne is when a patient has blackheads, which then turn into inflammatory blemishes. Blackheads are caused by clogging of the hair follicle, which is a small bag from which the hair grows. Hair follicles have an estuary of glands producing sebum that escapes to the surface of the skin, where it forms a thin layer that protects it from irritation and infections.

Health for the skin

Blackheads are the result of abnormalities in cell differentiation. Cells that should not keratinize. Such changes are a kind of civilization shock – he adds. Cornified, peeling skin narrows and clogs the bellows mouth. The matter is exacerbated by the use of makeup in fluids. A cork made of dead skin forms a cyst filled with sebaceous secretion. Initially, the blackhead is white, but as a result of oxidation of the creatine contained therein, it darkens. – A cyst is formed in a clogged bellows, which with time swarms. This purulent infiltration, contrary to popular belief, is basically sterile. Only with time does it become infected with bacteria living on the skin,” explains the dermatologist. However, our own white blood cells – granulocytes – are responsible for the greatest damage to the skin, not bacteria. They produce enzymes that dissolve adjacent tissues.  Such changes heal through scarring. Acne can occur on the face, sometimes the décolletage, back and shoulders. Check more about: accutane alternative.

Look For Facial Hair

The first principle of acne treatment is as follows: there is nothing better than a simple alkaline dice soap. We give up liquids or soaps with Ph similar to natural Ph,” says a dermatologist. Alkaline soap removes sebum whose pH is very acidic. It reaches the cornified parts of the skin, which also prevents the formation of blackheads.

The second principle – you should not treat your own skin as something dry that requires constant moisturizing. – Elegant woman is convinced that a good moisturizing cream is a must for her. Nothing more wrong. – When treating acne, let’s use a greasing cream and not at all from the top shelf,” she adds. The moisturizing cream will deepen swelling of the already sebaceous skin, while the oily one will protect it from excessive loss of moisture and external factors – especially temperature changes.

The third principle is an absolute ban on the use of foundation in fluids and a concealer, which clog the bellows mouth. The appearance of the skin can only be improved with a loose powder.

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