Clarified butter is much healthier than plain butter

  • By Frank Marquardt
  • February 13, 2018
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Traditional European cuisine must never be short of butter. We use it for almost everything, appreciating its mild taste and a very wide range of culinary applications. However, it is relatively rare for us to use clarified butter. It is a pity, because this product significantly outperforms classic butter in terms of its nutritional and health values. It is worth seeing for yourself.
A delicacy for thousands of years
Clarified butter is not a novelty. The civilisations of the Middle East and Africa, and partly also of Asia, have been using it for thousands of years. In Europe, this product is popularised mainly by renowned restaurants. However, an average Pole does not know or does not want to know the clarified form of butter. Why?
The reason is mundane. It is about a high purchase price. Clarified butter can be two to three times more expensive than regular butter. It is true that you can clarify the butter yourself, but it is not that easy and it is easy to make mistakes here.
What is actually clarified butter?
Another common name for this product is ghee. Clarified butter differs from the normal method of production. The latter must be heated, which results in evaporation of the water. The next step is to separate the milk fat from the proteins and the various impurities lurking in the butter.
The result is a product that is perfectly clean, of a very high quality, and perfectly suited for high temperature frying. Clarified butter is also the best choice for those allergic to cow’s milk, which contains strong allergens: casein and lactose.
As we have already mentioned, clarified butter is much healthier than conventional butter. It contains a lot of fatty acids, which improve metabolism and regulate blood cholesterol levels. Therefore, this version of butter should be used by people at risk of coronary artery disease. In addition, the product contains vitamins A, D, E and K as well as many minerals.
Extensive use in the kitchen
The main feature of the clarified butter is its high smoking temperature, which is over 250°C. This makes it ideal for frying all meat and vegetable products. Clarified butter can be a tasty and healthy substitute for oil.
Despite the high purchase price it is worth to include this product in your diet and use it in reasonable quantities in the kitchen. Clarified butter is the perfect choice for those who care about their lines, who cannot imagine cooking without the characteristic buttery taste.

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