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  • By Frank Marquardt
  • May 10, 2018
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Have you heard about the so-called shopping calendar? This is a very clever way to spend less and, at the same time, to buy quality products. The point is that some products reach price peaks at certain times of the year and then suddenly stop. We have tested what you can buy cheaply in winter, spring, summer and autumn!


January is by far the best time for shopping. Promotion in clothing shops is chasing promotion, because new collections are slowly entering. Reductions of 40-70% are the norm. It is particularly worth buying winter clothes: jackets, coats, sweaters, warm trousers.

In February it is worth to think about holidays and bury in camping equipment, backpacks, suitcases. This month the interest in winter trips is already declining, which is why retailers are eager to lower prices for these products.


Early spring is the ideal time to buy ski equipment. Most of the shops offering skis, boots and melting clothing are changing their assortment and are beginning to sell bicycles. It is worth taking advantage of this! In March and early April you can easily buy ski equipment with up to a 50% discount.

In May, there is a great time for economical drivers. Sales of winter tires are underway – many models can be bought cheaper by 40%. This also applies to accessories such as winter windscreen washers, chains, boxes and ski racks, rubber mats.


In the middle of the holiday it is worth to hunt for electronics. This is a time of drought in the shops, which must somehow sustain interest in their offer. A reliable way is to organise a sale. Buy a console, TV, washing machine and electronic gadgets in July and August.

At the end of August you can also start looking for summer clothes for the next season, swimwear and furniture (the renovation season ends).


The best time to go on a holiday abroad! At the end of September, travel agencies offer very attractive prices for holidays in European resorts. An exit in October should not frighten you – this month it can still be hot in Greece, the Canary Islands or Malta.

Late in the autumn, however, you may be interested in buying summer tires for your car and… an air conditioner. You still remember the unbearable heat at home. At the end of autumn you can buy a cooling device with a very high discount.

Such a shopping calendar should be hanged on your fridge. Wait for him every time you want to spend money!

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