You’re doing these things in the office You’ll quickly discourage colleagues

  • By Lisa Swanson
  • February 1, 2017
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It is no secret that the atmosphere at the workplace has a huge impact on the performance of employees and their level of professional satisfaction. A good atmosphere should be taken care of by the manager, however, he does not always have an influence on the behavior of his subordinates. There are many ways to quickly attract colleagues from the office, which will result in the creation of unbearable tension between the team members.
Loud telephone call
Especially if it is a private conversation! In this way, you simply disturb others at work and, in addition, you annoy colleagues who see that you are not devoting 100% of your time to your duties. Leave private conversations and laughing-and-chichy to yourself for later. As a last resort, use instant messengers.
Looking over the shoulder
Nobody likes it, so stop your inborn curiosity and give others freedom. Don’t turn around at your colleagues’ desks, don’t watch what they’re doing, don’t “let the crane go”, because such behavior is extremely annoying. Other team members may find you a denunciator, keeping you at a distance, and this will have a devastating impact on the atmosphere in the office.
Desk Food
It is not elegant, so try to avoid it. Of course, when no one is in the office, you have the right to eat a sandwich, but don’t allow yourself to open a grazed dinner at all, especially one with a very intense smell. Your colleagues can simply be disturbed by this. Not to mention that sooner or later you will soil the carpet, which will deteriorate the aesthetics of the office.
It might seem that your desk is only your problem, but nothing more wrong. If you have the nature of a messenger, try to keep your workplace as tidy as possible, at least. Hardly anyone likes to work in a mess, and the people who generate it will soon be on the censorship list. Think about how your colleagues can really be disturbed by the sight of crumbling papers, sandwich films or empty cigarette packages. Remember that there is a waste bin.
Excessive freedom
If you have a great relationship with the rest of the team, then of course you can afford a looser behavior. But don’t cross borders. Removing your shoes, putting your legs on your desk, making disgusting noises, coming to work in the same T-shirt for three consecutive days – these are all ways to get your colleagues off the hook.
Don’t you want to be a leader in team conflicts? Avoid doing these things! Colleagues will certainly be grateful to you.

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