You know what a cat’s lambanning is all about

  • By Mary J. Young
  • February 12, 2019
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No, then you’ll need to make up for the learning of catnip body language quickly! Baranking is a very characteristic way of rubbing against a person or another cat with one’s head and lifting the back at the same time. A cat that lambs will thus confess its warm feelings to the owner. Learn how to sheep too!
Why do cats lamb?
Brewing is a very suggestive form of cat greeting. Animals most often apply it to humans, but sometimes also to other individuals. It is a gesture of friendship and even love. If your cat takes on a lamb’s position in your view, you can enjoy it. This shows that he loves you very much and that he has full confidence in you. This is a position that has yielded, so your cat doesn’t expect any danger from you. So you need to respond to these sensitivities and greet them with a murmur.
Your cat may also be lambded to attract your attention. This sends a clear signal that your pet needs your proximity and enjoys your view. It must not be rejected, because it can have a very negative impact on the relationship with the owner.
Brewing between cats is the equivalent of a human kiss and is a sign of great intimacy.
Don’t wait for your cat to do it first!
Although you should not impose anything on your cat, it’s sometimes good to encourage her to be tender. Brewing is a reliable way to do it! You are the first to approach your cat with a low bent head and start rubbing against her. You can be sure that the murmur will reciprocate this behavior – of course, if you have enough confidence in it and are already fully familiar with it.
If your cat is responding to a lamb’s request, there is no better confirmation that you are the most important person in the world for her.
How to refuel?
It is very easy. It is best to start with a lamb while the cat is up, e.g. lying on the sofa. Simply approach him, kneel down and gently start to grasp him with your forehead. A blink sound can be produced at this point. Make sure that your lambage is not pushy. If your cat doesn’t feel like being tender, pardon her and try again later.
It’s also worth knowing that not all cats use lambaging to love their owners. Another, equally popular, method is simply rubbing the side and tail against the Lord’s leg.

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