Why in the attic there is a cold Most common cause

  • By Lisa Swanson
  • March 13, 2016
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The cold attic is a problem faced by most owners of single-family houses. Fashion for the adaptation of the attic appeared in our country several years ago and still a lot of buildings are being constructed, which have been designed in such a way that it is possible to use the space above the ceiling. In theory, this has the same advantages, but in practice, during operation, significant disadvantages of this solution are revealed. One of them is the effect of significantly lower temperature in the attic. What is the cause of this problem?

Incorrect roof insulation

This is by far the most common source of problems with maintaining a comfortable temperature in the attic. When you decide to adapt this surface, you have to make sure it is properly insulated. Unfortunately, many teams are not able to cope with it, and investors lack knowledge about roof insulation. As a result, in the attic it is not only cool, but also heating costs increase dramatically, because heat from the ground floor easily penetrates through the slope.

It is not enough to lay a thick layer of wool. It is also necessary to properly make the vapour barrier and the roofing itself. Making mistakes will always have its consequences in the form of coolness in the attic and the appearance of stains on the records of the Group.


If the house was built in an open space, even not too strong gusts of wind can effectively lower the temperature in the attic. The wind will always find its way through, which will be facilitated by a poorly made insulation layer (especially a poorly laid vapour barrier film).

It is significant that during the storm almost all owners of single-family houses with a utility attic observe the phenomenon of even a few-stage difference in temperature between the ground floor and the upper storey.

Roof windows

They are very often responsible for the cooling of the attic, even if it is well insulated. Sometimes traders choose from savings windows with poor parameters (standard double glazing packages instead of warmer three- glazing packages). However, that is not the worst thing.

The main blame for the attic cooling down through the roof windows lies with the roofers, who incorrectly installed the windows. The finishing team has also contributed to this, as they have insulated the space around the windows poorly.

Wrongly designed heating

If the heating designer applied the same parameters for the rooms on the ground floor and in the attic (because they have the same surface, for example), it is hardly surprising that the comfortable temperature cannot be achieved on the upper floor. Radiators or underfloor heating in the attic should always be slightly oversized.

How to avoid these errors? There is no other method than to watch, to watch and to watch again. This is best done by an experienced (and demanding) site manager.

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