What’s worth noting when choosing your headquarters

  • By David Molnar
  • April 26, 2018
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Choosing a company headquarters is never an easy task. Many factors influence the later satisfaction and efficiency of work, such as location, size of rooms or the presence of parking spaces in front of the building. Learn about the most important aspects of choosing a company’s headquarters before you start viewing the office space available in each city.
First aspect: the size of the city
Some businesses are firmly anchored to a specific reality and it is difficult to detach them from where they operate. These include training companies, real estate agencies and business consulting companies. They affect other players and reach customers rooted in a specific business reality, so they need to be well available to them and familiar with the reality of the market. Another issue is that it is much easier to get a good customer in a big city, where there is a naturally larger market for our services than in a small provincial town. No wonder that commercial premises are so popular.
Second aspect: Location
However, the city itself is not everything. There is still a need for a good place, friendly to the company’s employees, as well as to its customers and contractors. Therefore, offices in the city with the best location (e.g. on Domaniewska Street, PaweĹ‚ Avenue or Smolna Street) are quite expensive, but they also enjoy great interest from future tenants. A well-known address is also a great advertisement for a specific company – it is an emphasis on its status and rank. A good address also gives rise to a greater sense of trust among future customers.
Third aspect: parking spaces
The prestigious offices boasting the most prestigious locations in the city centre should fulfil another condition – guarantee access to parking spaces for both employees and their customers. Unfortunately, this is not always easy in large, crowded cities. Many people can’t imagine moving around major U.S. cities during working hours other than by car, so there’s a natural need for them to be able to leave their cars in a safe place that’s not too far from the company’s headquarters. In such a case, every visit to the company’s headquarters will not be associated with stress resulting from searching for a parking space or even delaying work for this reason. It’s definitely better to start the day in peace and quiet and be sure that your commute to work will be easy.
Fourth aspect: Architecture of the building
Well-designed modern office building provides not only optimal amount of natural light and space for employees, but also provides an appropriate communication system, facilitating quick and efficient movement around the building. A properly constructed office building is also an elegant design in the best style, which provides optimal conditions for work, but also breaks for lunch. Rental of Krakow’s offices offers attractive office buildings in a modern form for companies that are focused on development and do not stand still. Modern thinking about business shows that the creative processes of employees and the effectiveness of their work are influenced not only by such factors as proper management of people, good working atmosphere and appropriate remuneration, but also by the spatial layout and colours that surround people during a long day of their work. So why not give them the conditions to get the best out of them?

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