What dropshipping is and why it is worth to take an interest in

  • By David Molnar
  • November 10, 2017
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The Internet is full of “effective” business ideas, i.e. tips on how to earn a fortune in a month – quickly and without leaving home. However, everyone with some knowledge of the web knows that there are no miracles, and this type of methods are usually based on more or less serious turns. A better way to increase profits is to take advantage of various additional opportunities. For example, the benefits of dropping are worth trying out.

This option is ideal for those who run an online shop or are planning to open one. Dropshipping can briefly be described as a so-called sales logistics model. The online shop is looking for a supplier of goods corresponding to its industry, i.e. a wholesaler interested in this form of cooperation. This agreement is cost-effective for both partners as it relieves them of part of their responsibilities. To start with, simply define the scope of your business, select a partner and start marketing to attract customers. All orders are collected and sent to the wholesaler, who is responsible for shipping, without having to worry about other matters.

Since this model is still quite young, especially in our country, the number of potential partners is limited. Finding a wholesaler with the goods you are interested in may take some time. The contract is duly signed and the pricing is clarified (after all, cost-effectiveness). Suppliers that enable cooperation on the basis of dropshipping run online databases of goods, so they can be quite easily “transferred” to their store. Once all is done, you move on to the substance. Customers order goods, pay us money, collect payments and transfer a certain amount to the account of the warehouse. Shipping to the customer is already done by the supplier, so we avoid a lot of work (this time we can spend on marketing activities).

The main profit in this form of cooperation is guaranteed by the margin of each product sold, for sure it can also be assumed that the saved time associated with preparing the shipment is also valuable. So far, this type of system has been evaluated extremely positively, the only inconvenience may be the fact that it depends on the quality of the supplier’s activity – so some people advise to “play” with dropshipping only at the beginning of their adventure with Internet commerce.

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