Vitamin C and its role in the body

  • By Mary J. Young
  • February 5, 2019
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Vitamin C, which we know very well, is one of the basic ingredients commonly recommended for a cold. But is it not just a product of our imagination, a product of some kind of social campaigns? It turns out that vitamin C does not affect human immunity completely, but it does not mean that it is not useful, that it is not necessary for the human body to function properly. The supply of this vitamin is necessary and plays a very important role in the human body.
The role of vitamin C
Speaking about this role of vitamin C in the human body, we will want to point out two basic areas. Of course, this is medicine, but at the same time we also need to talk about cosmetics. What are the specific roles of this vitamin?
– is a very good antioxidant and therefore helps to combat the processes of ageing
– assists in the fight against cancer
– Supports the cardiovascular system
In this way, we will talk about quite a lot of benefits if we take care of the correct amount of vitamin C taken.
Vitamin C and resistance to cold
Vitamin C, in other words ascorbic acid, is an ingredient that does not reduce the symptoms of infection, does not shorten its duration and also does not make the cold last shorter when taken prophylactically. With regard to this prophylaxis, however, we will have to say that vitamin C reduces the frequency of colds.
When vitamin C is too low
Lack of vitamin C in the human body, too small a quantity of it is not only a greater risk of infection, but also we will have to point out other very dangerous effects for man. We can point to:
– lack of appetite,
– Weakness of the body,
– Avoid contact with the skin, e.g. the unsightly and bleeding gums,
– Muscle and joint pain,
– difficult healing of wounds,
– greater susceptibility to bruising.
Therefore, taking care of the correct amount of this vitamin is essential.
Vitamin C forms
This is a very broad concept, because in fact we could be more interested in which products we could meet this vitamin in, although it is equally important to know what forms it takes. Pure vitamin C is naturally present, natural vitamin C is present and vitamin C powder is also present. We can therefore ask the question of which of them we should use? Essentially, not all of these forms of vitamin C are widely available, but that is nothing that should worry us. We can successfully reach for different products, for different fruits and vegetables containing this vitamin, we can reach for different dietary supplements. There is also a special vitamin C available for children in the shops, because there is a special demand for this vitamin in relation to them.
Left-handed and right-handed vitamin C
The term left-hand and right-hand vitamin C is commonly used. What is it and are both really present? First of all, we will say that the very concept of torsion refers to the ability of a substance to twist the plane of polarised light. In the case of vitamin C, we can speak only of the right-handed form, which is commonly available to everyone.
Vitamin C is one of the many substances that are, of course, essential for any human body to function normally and healthily. It is not only children who need it, but all people, regardless of their age. It should therefore be borne in mind that it is adopted.


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