The sink underneath the window An effective solution that has its drawbacks

  • By Mary J. Young
  • January 29, 2019
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Arranging a kitchen is inseparably connected with the need to designate a place for the sink. It is necessary even in a room equipped with a dishwasher. For several years now, the biggest hit has been placing the sink under the window. Why? Because such a solution looks very impressive and has a few purely practical advantages. Let us not forget, however, the shortcomings either.
Why is it worth it?
The sink under the window above all offers great possibilities in terms of kitchen arrangement. Deciding on such a location we immediately gain a lot of space in other parts of the room, and this allows for example to use a larger worktop or a wider fridge. That is why not only the owners of the vast kitchens, but also the microscopic ones, decide on such a solution.
Another advantage of placing the sink under the kitchen window is that it has access to natural light, which makes it much easier to wash the dishes off and saves electricity. The very activity of washing, hated by the majority of people, is also a bit more pleasant thanks to the possibility of observing the nature or life going on outside the window.
Remember about defects
Unfortunately, placing a sink under a window is not the ideal solution. The biggest disadvantage is difficult access to the window. This is worth noting, as the glass in the immediate vicinity of the sink will certainly get dirty much faster.
Another disadvantage, which can fortunately be eliminated in time, is the collision of the window frame with the sink battery. Many people have fallen into this trap without paying attention to it before. If the battery is very tall (and currently only such is used), its spout will prevent the window from opening fully.
Therefore, if you want to place the sink under the window in the kitchen, you should invest in a battery with a removable spout. As a result, the problem will disappear and the great design idea will not turn out to be a great functional mistake.
Finally, let us mention one more defect that is often overlooked. A sink under a window makes it practically impossible to place the heater in the same place. Some try to deal with this by installing a radiator in the cabinet and cutting out the openings in the worktop, but we do not recommend this: huge energy losses are inevitable. It is better to use underfloor heating in the kitchen or to rely on a suspended radiator at a high height.

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