The green colour in design house

  • By Mary J. Young
  • May 1, 2018
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The green colour is a very good solution when it comes to the leitmotif in the arrangement of the apartment. Green color calms down and fits perfectly with such colors as white, black or graphite. When it comes to shade, bottle green – a deep, dark shade that looks tasteful and elegant – turns out to be a growing trend. What style of arrangement will be appropriate in a combination of such colours? Glamour style is an ideal solution, especially as the luminous and glittering decorative elements will slightly brighten up the slightly dimmed space. How to use the green colour in the apartment, so as not to overwhelm the arranged space?
Every house or flat should be equipped with fresh green plants. Why? Not only do they look beautiful, but they also enliven the space and absorb carbon dioxide, transforming it into oxygen, essential for life. The trend of recent months is to breed interesting, floral decorations in the comfort of your home. The forest in the jar is a decoration that resembles a forest that is planted in a large glass jar. Earth, stones, gravel, wood, moss, succulents, ferns or cacti are the plants and elements of which the forest composition is made. Such a decoration looks beautiful on a table or a bench, or even suspended from the ceiling. It will successfully replace fresh flowers at home, and with proper care will enjoy your eyes for a long time. Other solutions include traditional green potted plants and decorative fruit trees.

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